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Posted by rm on February 04, 2002 at 09:14:32:

In Reply to: Re: COMMENTS ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH posted by Ibrahim on February 01, 2002 at 07:21:51:

WELL SAID! I'm a Greek-Orthodox Christian and I can honestly say that I'm ashamed that Greek people have actually written so many insulting postings. I know there are other Greeks out there too, who can distinguish between a religion (islam) and a country (Turkey). like ibrahim stated, you can't judge millions of muslims on the actions of one country (turkey). Greece's oppression by turkey could not have been ENTIRELY religious! You can't omit political and economical factors.

I hope more Greek people post a message and don't sit back in silence and support the extremism and discrimintation of individual's like victor. i have been disappointed by too many greek people in my life after hearing prejudiced remarks about greece's superiority. there is nothing wrong with pride in our culture, but there is something wrong when you disrespect another's.

: So from the vehemence of your reply I take it you agree and support with the comments of Victor. So you too believe
: individuals who follow Islam cannot be Greek? And by extension any non Orthodox Christian cannot be Greek? And
: besides, you agree with the obnoxious proposal that Muslims should not post messages here? At least you seem to
: condone Victors comments. Maybe you don't get the real point.

: Ok, the gist of your argument is: Turks oppressed Greeks, all Turks were Muslims therefore all Muslims oppressed
: Greeks. Reminds me of a Woody Allen line where he concluded that "all men are Socrates".

: Let's start at the basics: in your country religion is a free choice of the individual. The key word is individual. If you are
: incapable of distinguishing the actions of states and the choices of individuals (who, by the way, need have nothing to do
: with mentioned actions) you are on the slippery slope to oppression. Thus, equating (the wrong) religion with (the lack
: of) loyalty shows you haven't learned from your great hero Alexander who actively pursued the mixing of races, creeds
: and religions in the lands he conquered (24 centuries ago, so not really a "post-modern" concept).

: I like the irony of your comparison to American Marxists. In fact there is a comparison I could make that is closer to
: home: say you are a Greek, and benefit from the democratic rights bestowed upon you, freedom of speech, freedom of
: religion. And yet you declare all followers of other religions than your own as suspicious traitors who should not be
: allowed to voice their opinions. Quite a contradiction, right?

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