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Posted by Gale on February 23, 2002 at 16:08:10:

In Reply to: COMMENTS ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH posted by Victor on January 31, 2002 at 13:30:43:

: Muslims stop posting messages on this Greek message board. We won’t swallow your baloney. NO Greeks never used to be Muslims even when the Turks invaded our country. We kept being civilized and hung on to our religion and traditions. NO Islam isn’t better than Christianity. Your religion mixes up everything because it was written much later than Christianity by bloodthirsty barbarians. Don’t try to explain us in your long message why Christianity is wrong. Do you think we are going to read it and say “yes she is right!” and that we are going to convert to this horrible religion? Paint our hands in orange, have our sisters and mothers wear a veil, and put the carpet on the floor to pray Allah six times a day? You talk about freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is good but we need to censor you when you insult our people or dare associate us with Muslims. A real Greek cannot be a Muslim. If you think Greeks disrespect you then don’t try to mix with us. Leave Greece please. Hang out with Iranians, Algerians, Iraqis and leave us alone! We live in a free world but it would be a good thing to eradicate Islam once and for all. There would be fewer wars and the problem of terrorism would be solved.

: : Many people are right and from me personaly you have my apologies.
: : The messages that were posted originaly were only to help find other Greek muslims and to make new friends not to use bad language and alienate more people.I know that a lot of Christian Greeks dont realise that there is many of us out there but do you really think that we were conquered for 400 years and no one converted??? I mean like honest to goodness real greeks that have been muslim for generations???
: : The truth of the matter is that greek muslims are not given many rights in Greece and they are segregated to certain areas.There is laws on the owning of property and they are treated like they dont belong there.
: : I am not going to sit here and defend myself about why im Muslim now and Greek Orthodox no longer, the facts speak for themselves .
: : Muslims believe in all the prophets of the Old and New Testament. Up to and including Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them.) Thats where the similarities end.We believe that Jesus was sent here to be an example to his people not introduce a religion based on himself. He was not the son of God any more then anyone else, he was just born under extraordinary circumstances.He had an extraordinary life not unlike all the other prophets that were sent down by God.If Jesus is the son of God because he had no father then what about Adam and Eve who had neither??? Any one who has read the bible cover to cover cannot honestly say that there is no contradictions in it. (Only the knowledgable respond please, not the ones who have been raised to follow blindly and in anger in defense of something they dont really know that much about .) Prophet Muhammad was an uneducated business man in Arabia at a time when there was no Arabic version of the Bible(For those who claim that he was just translating the Bible.)He did not know how to read or write.How else can you explain the Koran?
: : It was given to him from God through the angel Gabriel and he was promised by God that it will remain unchanged. Not a dot or coma out of place. There is originals that still exist.(For those who want to check.) Where as, the same cannot be said for the Bible.
: : It was not even in print until well over 100 years after Jesus was gone and whatever was written down would today be considered hearsay in a court of law.
: : He was made(by Paul) to be something he was not.First the son of God and then God himself.I dont know how you can add 1+1+1 and still get one but there it is!
: : How God can die on the cross and still be alive i dont know.Yet many people educated or otherwise have built their whole lives around it.Religion is supposed to make sense its not supposed to be a puzzle.
: : Unfortunately like anything else Islam has been misrepresented intentionally, with malice and with ignorance and a lot of people cannot see past those who misrepresent, to the real truth.But let me tell you something. If after reading all this you go on to further your knowledge then may God bless you.
: : If on the other hand you choose to remain as ignorant as before without question, then you must be one of those whose eyes and ears God has sealed and you are doomed forever.

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