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Posted by Nicki on March 14, 2002 at 18:09:39:

In Reply to: Re: Greeks abroad-are they really posted by you're not alone on March 14, 2002 at 15:42:49:

: yes, i've encountered some Greeks that feel that way, as if YOU had any control over where you were born (Germany, America, Austrailia, etc.) Even my own relatives in Greece have repeatedly referred to me and my siblings as being only "silly americans" (hazo-amerikanakia). They say it playfully but at the same time, i sense that they feel we are at some loss because we weren't born in Greece (we're first genereation american).

: Pay no attention. If you know, love, and honor your roots, then you ARE greek! no question about it. I've acutally met quite a few greek-americans who are afraid of being considered "less" Greek, because they don't live in Greece. I find that some of these people tend to try too hard and they "overcompensate". They seem a little overdramatic about their "greekness" and make it a point only speak greek, only hang out with greek people, listen to ONLY greek music, and insist that Greek people are superior to all others. haha, sometimes, i've seen a few of them lie and say that they were born in Greece, while I knew very well they were from places like Boston or New Jersey! It can get pretty annoying time, I was hanging out with my bball teammates (none of them were Greek) at lunch, and this Greek-american guy (who totally know how to speak perfect English) came over to our table and started rambling on and on and on about a movie he saw that weekend---but he said it all in Greek. I thought it was so rude! like he was trying to show off in front of my friends or something. It made everyone at the table feel so awkward, especially since he already knew some of the girls there. I could understand if it was a private matter he wanted to discuss and didn't want to share it with the entire group--but it was about a movie! this type of behaviour can be pretty amusing at times. some Greek-americans tend to forget that America is ALSO a part of them--no need to hide it.

: I'm so sorry you get that treatment from people in Greece---i can understand that a culture may have fears of being "diluted". But i think they are more afraid of what they don't know. Your German background is not a negative, it's a positive! you can combine the best of both worlds. it makes you an even MORE unique Greek!

: Where in Greece do you live? Hopefully, you'll run into some friendlier people who care more about YOU than your birthplace!

: : Hello everybody!
: : I was born and raised in Germany, but both my parents are Greek and we still live there.
: : Whenever Iam in Greece and meet new people, then the same discussion repeats itself: Most of them claim that people with a Greek background, but living abroad aren't real "Greeks". I think that's a very arrogant point of view and I never understood it. So I wanted to ask you whether you made the same experiences or if it's only me meeting complete idiots..... Thanks, Nicki :-)

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