Re: What are the main characteristics of greek men (difference from American?)

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Posted by Tony on March 16, 2002 at 13:41:37:

In Reply to: What are the main characteristics of greek men (difference from American?) posted by Maxim on January 27, 2002 at 04:01:27:

You know, I think that it actually differs person to person. In my case, I live away from my parents and have done so since age 24 (first left the house at 18). I am not possesive nor listen to Greek music non-stop or feel the need to drive a tricked out I-ROC or work in a restaurant. I'm a defense contractor, drive a passat, live outside of Dallas, was engaged to an irish-german firl (our breakup had nothing to do with my parents -- they had totally accepted her) and don't really associate with otehr Greeks, not here not where I was born and raised in Canada either. What are my Greek characteristics? I am very family oriented but that means everyone helping each other out and wanting to have a family of your own one day where everyone is fully fuctional together, loves each other, gets along with each other, doesn't have kids running our and getting knocked up by a donzen different men, no drug addicts and strong family values. Personally, I'm hard working, passionate, romantic, down to earth, intelligent (I am the youngest military designer in my company -- a postion usually saved for 40+ year olds), care a great deal about the people I love, loyal to friends , both here and back home, and loyal to family. That to me is what a Greek is. All this other stuff about parents not accepting fiances and being possesive and listening to Greek music -- that's villager stuff to me. My paretns are education (engineer and accountant) and were born and raised on the rough side of the tracks in Athens -- not Sparta or Yiannina or Katerina. They grew up in a major and cosmopolitan European city with solid Greek vales and virtues, something that has been passed off to me. So, before anyone starts generalizing what a Greek man is or what a Greek woman is for that matter, look at Greeks beyond the 'Greek club' or greektown. Look at the quiet, low-profile Greek that works hard to get ahead and provide a stable and comfortable home for his wife and kids. That's who I think a Greek man is.

: What are the characteriscics of greek men, any difference from american men? Every nation has some peculiarities, what are greek?

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