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Posted by rania on March 22, 2002 at 15:51:42:

In Reply to: Re: US VISA TRUE? posted by dont do it on March 22, 2002 at 13:14:10:

I don't feel hurt at all. I'm just offering MY opinion, just like you offered yours. Yes, there are bad parts to EVERY country and city, INCLUDING Greece. But I choose to make the best of the places I've visited and lived, and you make the most of it and seek out the positives--not the negatives. YES, Coming to America IS a big change--culturally, environmentally, socially, etc...i'm not going to deny that. and no you can't compare US states to Greece---and i don't think you should either. Greece is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countrries in the doesn't have the hussle and bussle of those big cities, the culture is laid back, but rich with tradition, and people are looking to enjoy life. My parents come from a small village in Epirus up in the mountains---i think these areas are just as gorgeous as Greece's islands. Most of my relatives are spread just outside of athens...I didn't say Greek people persecute women, but I its just that machismo attitude I sense from the men there...that's just my experience, and i'm sorry to have generalized...that's my mistake. I know all Greek men aren't like that. I guess i have that opinion because of my family (both my father here in the US, and the uncles and male cousins i have in Greece) dad left greece in the late 70's and still has an old-school mentality. let's just say he didn't adapt to American culture at all. He holds on to Greece, and although it ahs caused conflict for us (when it comes to my personal decisions), at the same time, I love him for it. He's very proud of being Greek. But, what's ironic is that he moved here to give his children a better opportuinity to succeed, but despite all i have achieved academically and personally, my father and the Greek community I grew up in NJ doesn't expect much from Greek women. I still think he treats my mother very unfairly and doesn't respect her as much as she should.

ANYWAY...i've totally gone off topic. Look, we both don't know what panaioti is looking sounds like he's looking for change, not more of the same. So why not let him try?--let him come in with an open mind, open eyes, open ears, and let him taste the life for himself and see what it is. Not all americans are horrible people. we're not ALL boring---i'm sorry you didn't meet anyone nicer. did you study at a university here or did you come to work? I know corporate America is full of a lot of stiff and dull individuals.

And I don't think diversity is scary either---many people are just scared of those who are different. Why do you only mention Greek-americans anyway, are those the only people you surrounded yourself with? What about people of other cultures? YOu MUST have met at least a couple of genuinely nice people who knew how to have a good time--have you ever hung out with filipinos--they definitely know how to party :) you should limit yourself---yes, some greek-american people can be very boring, but there are some boring greek people too. boring people are in EVERY country--it's unfortunate, but we ALL have to deal with them no matter where we live.

Yes, maybe america is not AMAZING---it may lack the aesthetics of European cities---but something must be good about this place. There must be something here that panaioti wants, that he can't find in Greece, right? There must be a reason that so many people have immigrated to the US. There has to be something attractive about it. For my father, it was financial opportunity and freedom. He couldn't make much money as a tailor in Greece, but when he came here, he was able to save up and open up his own tailor shop in a few years, as well as provide for his family ands end three kids to college. May I ask what brought you to the US...I'm just curious? It's different for everyone and i think that's my main point. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it, especially after having been to so many places.
why have you waited so long to move back? I guess your true home was calling for you :) I love visiting Greece, but I have to admit, I don't think i could ever live there...and i think it's because America is my home and this is the lifestyle i'm most comfortable with. But that's ok. Even if panaioti doesn't like the states, it doesn't mean his life will be ruined. he sounds pretty young and has plenty of time to return to greece, if he is unhappy. I wish you and panaioti the best of luck in finding the places you belong---it's a learning experience that we all go through.

: Raina: I am trying to give good advice to this man here so he doesn't destroy his life. I am not here to hurt your feelings but just help him. You don't think in good conscience living in the USA is better than living in Europe. You are talking about places like Washington DC, Chicago and tell him these are fun places. Are you crazy? DC is a ghetto, it's boring too, with all his dull administrative buildings. Chicago is ok, but it's a city in the midwest with lots of problem, I would not say it's "great" and it sucks compare to London, Amsterdam, Paris... Can you compare California to the French Riviera, Italy, or even Greece?? America is ok, it's not the Third World, but it's not fun either, really not fun. I have been here long enough. I mentioned Greek Americans just to show him how people were here. He is going to feel lonely and turn to Greeks, just like me, and then realize that Greek Americans are really not cool like the Greeks in Greece. I am just trying to help him make the right decision. Now it doesn't matter if I hurt your feelings. Also I don't think the diversity of cultures that you have in the East Coast is something that makes America attractive to Europeans. I'd even say it's something very scary. Also I don't know where your family comes from in Greece, but Greek women are not persecuted in Greece, Greece is not Afghanistan.

: : Hello Panaioti,

: : No it's not true. I think that is just one person's opinion--a person who is from Greece and of course would be partial to his/her homeland. That's expected and there's nothing wrong with that. But, being a Greek-American myself, I think America is a wonderful country. I'm first-generation Greek-American and I'm proud of it. I love Greece and the traditions and values by parents raised me with. But, America has taught important lessons --- the biggest one is learning how to be independent. I feel that women are treated better here than compared to Greece where I have experienced quite a bit of discrimination. Being part of both cultures, I've learned to take the best parts of both worlds (greek and american).

: : Anyway, it sounds like your purpose for moving to America is to find work opportunities and to advance your career. I don't think your interested in coming to the US to meet Greeks--that wouldn't make much sense since GREECE is the country where you'd easily find the most Greeks. Besides, your experience in America will not be defined by the number of Greeks you find, it'll be defined by what you choose to make of it!

: : There are wonderful places to live in America and California (san fransisco or los angeles) is DEFINITELY one of them. New York as well! WAshington, DC and Chicago are fun too. I think big cities are a great place to start. These cities not only have Greeks, but are VERY diverse, which also another thing I love about the US. It's a melting pot of cultures and holds a plethora of lessons about different people, lifestyles, religions, etc. You may not meet more Greeks, but meeting more African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, and Indians may be just as fulfilling. When you put yourself in a new environment, it's amazing how much you can learn about yourself!

: : Best of luck Panaioti!

: :
: : : Is it real? I think that living in California must be great!

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