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Posted by ignore him on April 05, 2002 at 12:41:38:

In Reply to: Re: US VISA posted by whatever on April 05, 2002 at 09:31:58:


As you can see by others' posts, they have tried to explain to him that you can't make statement about a whole group of people. he obviously encountered some not so nice Americans in his experience here. It happens I guess--and he's still very angry about it. But we don't have the full story either--it's just his perspective of his time here. He claims that he didn't encounter ANY nice people here in the US---and that can't be the whole story. With that huge chip on his shoulder, no one probably wanted to associate with him--he seems so unhappy, and in general, people don't want to be around unhappy ones.

There is rude people everywhere of course. But I was not talking about people being rude here, I was talking about people being vulgar, uneducated, trashy, spoiled. You talked about your experience let me tell you about mine: my parents Greek American friends in New York were supposed to help me settle here, and after a couple of days they told me to find my own place and leave. They never called me back to ask me if I was ok. No real Greek would ever do that. Also I dated Greek American girls, but they are not Greek, they are American, insecure, trashy, messed up in the head. Greek kids are spoiled, their parents have given them everything and they don't care about anything. You see them in Greece driving those big cars, I can't stand those Greek Americans pumping all the water from the wells to water their gardens and not caring if the poor farmers are going to have enough water to irrigate their land. And their don't give a damn attitude like Greece is just a place to get drunk and party. As for the Europeans, they used to come when Europe was in shambles. Now all I see is Europeans that come here with a dream and leave after a couple of months disappointed by the people, the lifestyle, the women.

: our assumptions about Greek Americans would be funny if I didn't think you really believed them...You MUST be either really young (and stupid) or uneducated (and stupid). You CANNOT judge an entire group of people based on a few. My 81 year-old mother, who was having difficulty climbing the steps up onto a bus in Athens last year was told by a young guy behind us "Hurry up old lady--we haven't got all day". Should I call ALL Greeks rude? When my suitcase was lost and I tried to buy a new bathing suit last September, an Athenian shop girl told me "What do you need a bathing suit for anyway...Summer is OVER". Do I call all Greeks OBNOXIOUS? You will find all types EVERYWHERE...

: : As for your statement that you don't know any Europeans who would want to be here in the States, tell it to the millions who have emmigrated here...there must be something worthwhile here...Sounds to me like you have a rather MAJOR chip on your shoulder...

: : : Dean, you might not be like the average Greek American since you speak Greek, but be honest, you just can't compare people here with people in Greece. Greek Americans at least in New Jersey and New York are not like the Greeks in Greece or the Europeans in general. Last summer in Greece I went to a club with a bunch of friends, there were a lot of pretty girls, but we could spot the Greek American ones: huge tattoos on the back, vulgar attitude, ugly face, a little overweight. So far I haven't met a single Greek American that is not racist, narrow-minded and who doesn't have this bully, I don't give a damn attitude. Try and prove me wrong, tell me where I can find cool Greek Americans and I will go. And don't worry, I am getting the hell out of here, and I am never coming back. I don't know any European who woudl want to stay in this boring, vulgar, ugly place.

: : :
: : : : I misquoted Nico...Sorry Nico! It was someone who signed himself "Don't do this to yourself" who was being ignorant!

: : : : : Well, I'd have to say that Nico's response was about the most IGNORANT one I've read yet. The people and things he's described finding in the US can be found in all other countries...He describes people here as materialistic, fake and vulgar...Obviously, he's never been to Glyfada in Greece on a Friday or Saturday night. I've never seen so many plastic people (or cell phones and expensive cars) in my entire life...My hope is that he follows his own advice and stays away from the US himself. By the way, I'm Greek American, I speak Greek, and I LOVE both the US & Greece.

: : : : :
: : : : : : My advice: stay in Greece, or move somewhere in Europe like in the U.K.. Don't move to the U.S., don't do this to yourself. Only Manhattan, New York, is worth it in America, all the other cities, and states suck. Even New York has its bad parts though. Believe me, I have been all over America. And Greek Americans are not like Greeks from Greece. Greeks come here to become rich by any means, and once they become rich, they become materialistic, fake, and ruthless. They can go even as far as backstabbing another Greek to protect their own interests. And second generation Greeks? They are spoiled, most don't even speak Greek, and they are all as trashy and vulgar as the locals. Trust my experience, I have many Greek friends from Greece who just think the same. America can be the most boring place in the world, the emptiness can become unbearable for a European, and the people are just not fun. It's very easy to spot the Greek Americans in Greece by their utmost vulgarity, and fake personality. I am not staying here even if they gave me 10 million dollars.

: : : : : : : Have you tried getting in touch with any Greek welfare agencies (usually Orthodox church agencies) that may put you in touch with possible employer/sponsors. Also, perhaps your educational qualifications are not required in the US, you may wish to upgrade your qualifications into an area that is desirable in the US to gain a visa. In other words, your skills may need upgrading to an area of engineering that is required in the US. But you may try the Greek Orthodox community welfare organisations first for assistance in finding employment or sponsorship. Good luck Panayiotis!

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