Re: - Am I missing the point - Weren't the Akrites fighters FOR Greek ideals, not draft-dodgers ?

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Posted by Basil !!! on April 14, 2002 at 00:00:56:

In Reply to: - excerpt posted by Stephanie on April 06, 2002 at 12:26:26:


: The internet initiative AKRITES consists of over 500 Greeks

: abroad who inevitably face conscription difficulties, as

: their family and professional obligations, together with the existing

: Greek legal framework, do not allow them to fulfill their military

: obligations.

: The AKRITES core was, up to now, mostly consisted of scientists

: (academics, researchers, medical doctors, industry executives and

: students) due to their easier access to the Internet. However, the

: World Wide Web revolution, together with the recent media attention to

: the issue, enlarged the circle of AKRITES, awakening even more of the

: 18,000+ "self-exiled" Greeks abroad, who ask for a

: fair solution to the problem.

: In the AKRITES community, there are are no discriminations. Everybody

: with pending military obligations or conscription concerns can join

: us.


: Over 18,000 Greeks who were driven abroad for a better future, either

: by later returning to Greece or by staying permanently abroad.

: These people did not go abroad to avoid their military service.

: The prolonged state of exile, away from homeland and family, is more

: painful than the few difficulties during the military service. Many

: of these Greek started a family of their own, followed the career they

: always dreamed of, or formed official ties with their country of stay

: by becoming permanent residents and even citizens of that country. As

: a result, these people were not able to fulfill their military

: obligations. Consequences?

: Over 18,000 Greeks alienated from homeland, burdened with family

: issues, professional dilemmas and travel deadlocks, disgusted by the

: mockery of the Greek consulates, the conscription services and the

: apathy of the Greek political and military establishment. What is the

: gain of the Greek State from this situation?


: The AKRITES PROPOSAL *********

: We ask for the understanding of the problem from the State, the

: enactment of unified and fair regulations in the framework of the

: imminent conscription legislation. Under no circumstances do we demand

: to be exempt from our constitutional duty of military service. We

: propose:

: Unification of the legislation for immigrants and permanent residents

: of foreign countries by the following means:

: Extension of the beneficial measures of law

: ""

: for all the permanent

: residents of foreign countries without any exceptions

: (read the related

: ""

: appeal of the Council of Hellenes Abroad to the Hellenic Ministry of Defense)


: Objective and realistic criteria for the characterization

: of Greeks abroad as permanent residents of foreign countries.

: Legislation to allow serving the military service in parts by extending

: the law N. 2510/97 for Greeks with conscription difficulties

: irrespectively of age.

: Disassociation of Greek passport validity from the conscription

: condition status and allowing for short family visits to Greece.

: Discussion and measures for a long-term solution to the problem.


: ""

: "images/Phantis.Award.gif"

: "Best Greek Sites Phantis Award"

: ""

: "Omogenia Award"

: Last update on 30 March 2002, at 20:15:15 EST

Forgive my ignorance, but weren't the Akrites fighters FOR Greek ideals, not draft-dodgers ?

These people fought against the many invaders who were at the outskirts of the empire trying to go to the heartland of what Greeks defined as home.

What a misappropriation of a noble name !

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