Re: Christianity and Ancient Greek Culture a contradiction?

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Posted by Ibrahim on April 15, 2002 at 09:12:54:

In Reply to: Christianity and Ancient Greek Culture a contradiction? posted by Panos on April 14, 2002 at 07:09:49:

Ouch, from Evanthia's response it seems like you hit a raw note, Panos ;-)

I agree in general with what you stated. IMHO one of the reasons is that when Greece was liberated from the Ottoman
subjugation, a mediaeval society was forced to progress to modern western values in just one or two generations. Greece never
went through the evolution of Renaissance, Enlightenment or Rationalism that so shaped Western Europe, and therefore basically
lacked the corresponding intellectual and traditional fundaments. The revival of the ancient history was introduced to Greece from
abroad, be it through foreign Romantics, or Greeks educated in the West. It is interesting to note that, if anything, the Orthodox
church actually opposed the study of the ancient history, as it was not in their interests to promote pagan traditions or thoughts. Keep
in mind that the Orthodox church enjoyed quite some secular power under the Ottomans, which (contrary to thier modern
propaganda) they were not too happy to have to part with at the time of independence.

Let's ignore Evanthia's rather pathetic comment which implies that ALL Germans are either fascists or marxists. In my
experience, if any one European nation has honestly tried to come to terms with its past it is the Germans. Evanthia comfortably
forgets the level of exploitation of slaves in Ancient Greece, unique in its inhumanity even for the standards of the time.

Oh, and was education in former Eastern Germany so bad? I know the level of science education there was very high, on par with
the USSR, which says a lot. OK, but enough about Germany, this is Greek Connection after all (and I don't want anyone accusing
me of extolling the superiority of German culture)...

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