Re: Christianity and Ancient Greek Culture a contradiction?

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Posted by Panos on April 17, 2002 at 11:18:49:

In Reply to: Re: Christianity and Ancient Greek Culture a contradiction? posted by Evanthia on April 15, 2002 at 01:07:59:


I don't know where you grew up and how you were influenced. sorry that I wrote only about the German culture that I have had the chance to be educated to. I am also speaking fluently french and spanish and also lived in these countries and I am talking about the real and pure heir of classical greek achievements.

The more I am thinking and also reading about this the more I get the impression that we are not true to our selves. We lost completly reality.

We are far away from a real classical greek spirit. And I am not talking about the religion"s" that could prosper in greece at this time. But I am talking about the Alexanders the great, philosophy, democracy, sciences etc. Greece developed a great heritage that we are not protecting and developing as it should be and the blame for this is the greek orthodox church.

It is funny to also realize that christians destroyed more greek monuments then the turks during ocupation and also our loved greek king destroyed more churches then the turks. (nobody knows but this is a fact)

Orhtodox church prohibited the study of PLaton at the end of the 10th century that leaded to the fact that greeks only where copying books and they sold them to the west. The school of Platon was also closed some centouries before which not realy leaded to preserve his thoughts.

Orthodox church protested a lot on the deletion of religion on the new IDs but did you know that germans introduced this during WW2 what leaded to 95% deportation of jews in Greece? And what the hell do they always interfering in politics??

Greek Church proclaiming to be christian but hey received the pope like barbarians.

Greek Church beeing the richest company in Greece just knows how to get the money from people but to be honest I don't see any serious charity that is runned by the church.

And further I don't know if you can observe greek television. PLease be honest is this realy an objective way of informing the population?
Where Christodulos comes and is taking for serious and talks nearly every day bullshit? I am not measuring greek television with the one from US but please have a look on french and greman or british news and you will understand what I mean.

When I talk about western europe I mean germany, france, UK, BeNeLux etc. Believe it or not these coutnries are more advanced and they know better greek history than we do. (A real athenian is proud of never climbing the Acropolis to the parthenon, he is not even interested in...)

I don't like this hipocritical role of greek church in greece. Greek revolution was not realy initiated by the orthodox church. The patriarch could have lost too much, so he was even against the revolution!

I want to underline that greece's problems are in the chasm of byzantin theocracy and classical greek culture. We are in the abyss and unfortunatly we are not able to free our minds and put religion where it belongs to.


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