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Posted by Christina on April 28, 2002 at 19:44:22:

In Reply to: Personal note posted by Nikos on April 28, 2002 at 19:01:03:

It sounds like you might've misunderstood my emphasis for prayer as though I thought it could act in place of doing good works/helping others. I'm sorry if I came across that way. The two go hand in hand. And it is true that the monastics spend less time helping people via physical acts and more time helping people via spiritual methods. If you don't believe that their prayers to God actually help those in need, then of course I could see why you would see their profession as a waste of time. But remember that anything you do on your own, you can do so much more when God is at your side. However, everyone in this life has a calling to contribute to this world in some way, and to do something with our lives. The monastics have followed their calling as well.

I don't quite understand your question about whether my medical work would allow me to help people in real need. Were you trying to be sarcastic or were you serious? Well, regardless, I do hope that my medical profession would allow me to help people all around the world. Just last summer, I was fortunate to travel with a team of doctors to another country on a mission trip to restore vision to the natives there that cannot afford medical care. I do believe that these things count as REAL need, unless I am not understanding what you were trying to say?

As far as proving whether an after-life exists or not, that is impossible to prove scientifically. It is a matter of faith, and I'll leave it at that. But when you DO accept the words of the Bible in your heart, you will see the proof. Those who do not open their spiritual eyes will not see it; it is as necessary as opening your physical eyes to see scientific proof.

So all in all, I do agree with you that it can seem as a shame that the monastics don't spend much of their profession physically helping other people. But there are SOOO many people out there capable of physical work, and unfortunately, fewer people who understand the Word of God and can help us spiritually. So please take that into consideration.

I enjoy talking to you, please write back and tell me what you think.

: Yes please keep spending your time investing in your personal eternity. Keep deferring changing this world in a real and practical manner because you expect the mercy of God to do your human work for you. As for the eternity of souls: prove it. I would like just one shred of proof regarding any of this after-life nonsense. You can believe in your God and keep deferring being a true human by doing good works, and please keep praying for the supposed eternal life of your soul, everyone's entitled to waste their time as they see fit. By the way, I believe in God, but don't believe in people's personal selfish prayerful selfjustifying hypocricy. Tell me Christina, never mind about saving souls for a moment, will your medical work take you to truly charitable acts of real and practical salvation? Will your medical work take you to places where real human beings have real needs? Keep your prayers for your soul and the souls of others when there is no more REAL work to be done in the world to feed and keep people suffering profoundly for the want of REAL care. And when I see an Orthodox monk ministering to those in need, then they shall have my respect. Until then, the Salvation Army only qualifies for my respect.

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