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Posted by Nikos on May 05, 2002 at 17:51:33:

In Reply to: Re: Nai thiavazo posted by Christina on May 05, 2002 at 13:07:44:

I love how non-humanist believers in what ever faith they opt for find excuses for the powerlessness of their God - by saying that God gave us all free will, therefore what ever evil there is in the world is the sole responsibility of humans. Yes the evil in the world is due to humans. So according to believers, all that is good in the world including life itself is due to God, and all that is evil is due to God shirking responsibility for His creation and due to human behaviour. What kind of a God is that? I tell what kind of God, the kind of God that is a reflection, an invention of humans and as an example of this I cite the fact that God is given an out, that He shirks responsibility for evil on earth, or at least, he is given allowance to shirk responsibility, and given this by humans. Shirking of responsibility is a human failing is it not? How insulted God must be when we humans let Him off the hook for his work. My point is either God is omnipotent and all powerful and hence all-responsible, or, if humans have any say in human affairs, is the kind of God that is silenced into inaction in the face of human evil. Either He doesn't exist or He is silent, or He is made up of material or consciousness that doesn't involve Itself in human affairs. If it makes you feel better to have a mythical being of semetic origin looking after your affairs, then good for you. But allow us please what your God allows you - free will, free will to believe or not to believe in your concept of theology. I happen to believe in God too, but spare me the poorly reasoned and vasty illogical theology attached to it. I go to church because I believe in its deeper social function regarding social cohesion, and because it keeps historical and cultural links alive. I like to keep my theology quiet and humble and don't wish to convince anyone else of it and wish all others well. Call it what you like but an unexamined life is not a worthwhile life according to Socrates. And Socrates is good enough for me!

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