Re: Greeks abroad-are they really "Greek"?

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Posted by kapoios on May 08, 2002 at 14:18:39:

In Reply to: Greeks abroad-are they really "Greek"? posted by Nicki on March 14, 2002 at 14:30:31:

: Hello everybody!
: I was born and raised in Germany, but both my parents are Greek and we still live there.
: Whenever Iam in Greece and meet new people, then the same discussion repeats itself: Most of them claim that people with a Greek background, but living abroad aren't real "Greeks". I think that's a very arrogant point of view and I never understood it. So I wanted to ask you whether you made the same experiences or if it's only me meeting complete idiots..... Thanks, Nicki :-)

I'd say that being born or even raised aborad does not immediately revoke a greek's full greekness. However, a greek , born abroad or at home, who rejects
his own greek nature or embraces some foriegn nature, he voluntarily relinquishes his greekness and can only be called ex-greek.
In my experience, many greeks who never leave home don't appreciate their civilization, and are all to eager to abandon greek ways, greek traditions, greek attitudes, for something foriegn and flashy, whereas
greeks who have spent a lot of time abroad appreciate much more the greek civilization, and while the danger of losing one's greekness is greater when one is abroad and exposed to foriegn influences all around, those who survive that pressure intact are some of the strongest
patriots and truest greeks. It is not as simple as being born or raised abroad or not.

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