Re: HELLENISM UNDER SIEGE? Achilles, the battle is over! The barbarians have won!

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Posted by kapoios on May 08, 2002 at 14:24:42:

In Reply to: Re: HELLENISM UNDER SIEGE? Achilles, the battle is over! The barbarians have won! posted by The Boy Who Didn't Cry Wolf on March 08, 2002 at 23:46:19:

: Achilles,

: It is clearly too late to repair the horrendous damage done to the American educational system by nearly two generations' worth of bumbling, tweaking 'intellectuals'. Thirty to forty years ago American schools were among the best in the world; now we barely make the top 10 in overall performance. What's worse is that we barely make the top 15-20 for the two most important subjects; mathematics and science! The recognition and understanding of Greece's contribution to western civilization is among the least of our worries.

: In modern America a student's emotional well being has become more important than the conveyance of fact and theory. Add to the fact that lobbying, political correctness and the lowering of standards have polluted the system and you can see why Greece's contribution (and no doubt Italy's as well) has been given the 'cold shoulder'. Such an environment makes proper reform nearly impossible, especially in subjects such as English and History where content and cultural validity can be more readily litigated by lobbyists instead of literary scholars and historians. Perhaps the worst result of such an environment is historical revisionism; the disastrous effects of which have already made serious waves in American society.

: Unless you have a foolproof plan that can overhaul the current system AND change the United States back to a nation of civilized, disciplined stoics then America's education system is nearly beyond salvage. This decline is as much the fault of parents and students as it is the system's.

: As to Greece's inclusion in the EU and the effects of modern technology upon culture... Well Achilles, there's more to it than technology and modern fads. In the west you need only examine Israel and Switzerland for a decidedly different perspective. Both nations are fine examples of small states that have retained their cultural identities in modern times. If only Greeks would realize that their prosperity and success is not dependent on EU socialists bent on creating one dystopian nation state then Greece would have a better chance for the future.

: : What are your thoughts on this subject?

Hellenism is indeed under siege, and the siege has been going on for quite a while now.
We're losing the fight, but not all of us have given up yet. Many of us have lost the fight without even knowing the fight was going on. Greek adopting foriegn mannerisms, styles, way of life, products, economics, and so on. We dress like foriegners, act like foriegners, and so on.
however, the fight has not ended yet, there are some who still try to preserve out civilization.
But why the concern about america and the american education system? let their ignorance be their downfall.
Pas mh ellhn, varvaros.

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