Schizoid comedy

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Posted by E.R. on May 12, 2002 at 17:13:15:

In Reply to: Just imagine posted by Dimitra on May 09, 2002 at 23:17:33:

You obviously didn't read my previous post. Yes I've seen the film, at the insistence of a non-Greek friend. My basic point is that when a culturally dominant group makes fun of a cultural minorities supposed characteristics, they are prone to surface representations that only serve to make the culturally dominant group superior, by virtue of the portrayed idiocy of the cultural minority. Get it now? Your imagination and your sense of justice has been successfully colonialised. That's why I asked you if you find calling Chinese people 'slant-eyes' funny. You, like so many diaspora of many nations, inevitably become totally colonialised souls and I guess this is inevitable because you have to make your way and get ahead in the culture not of your grandparents. The only thing that I ask is some consideration, some quiet reflection on the people you come from, the culture your people came from. The film reminded you of your family? Did you think it fair that up until the late 60's Native Americans were portrayed as untrustworthy bloodthirsty killers? Sometime in the future, before you laugh at a racial stereotype, give some thought to what exactly it is you are laughing at. Please don't fall into the trap of superficiality, that because you respond with a giggle then it is good or worthy of you. Take some time and consider what is worthy of your approval. Think better of yourself as a (I hope) free-thinking American of Greek background, respect yourself first, and then review whether racial stereotypes are truly funny or if your giggle of recognition wasn't somehow a guilty pleasure in seeing what you think is extinguished in yourself, that is, your obvious Greekness, being made fun of by the dominant cultural group side of yourself (your American-ness). Schizoid situation that many of the diaspora are in. The resolution is respect yourself, you deserve better comedy than that silly, shallow futile film.

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