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Posted by Christina on May 14, 2002 at 18:52:32:

In Reply to: Re: Greeks and Persians posted by Victor on May 14, 2002 at 13:30:37:

Great, I agree with you that most people don't like interracial marriages. But you make it sound--whether you meant to or not--like there's something WRONG with the other "races." Personally? I couldn't imagine myself with anybody other than the wonderful Greek man I'm with. And throughout my life, I have never been able to date a non-Greek. Is it because I think other races are inferior? Of course not, I have many good friends from all kinds of ethnic origins. But when it comes to someone to spend the rest of your life with, well, my life was so "greek" growing up that it takes that same background for the two of us to really connect.

My point is, perhaps Ellie's boyfriend doesn't feel that the "Greek" in him was as big of a deal in his life as he grew up. Perhaps there are other things between those two that connect them more strongly than their ethnicity. It happens, y'know?

: NO!!! I am sorry Christina, most people don't like interracial marriages!!!! Especially Greek people. I don't wish it for any of my loved ones. But you can go out and marry an Arab, a Turk or an African, and tell me "it's the 21st century" because you are not a real Greek to me and I don't care about you. I can understand this young palikari fell in love with an Arabic woman, I am not going to go against it, but I want to warn that Arabic woman who calls herself Persian that she better respect our culture, her husband, and give her children a Greek education. And yes too bad he couldn't find a beautiful Greek woman instead!!!!!!

: : What century are you stuck in? MOST people have realized by the 21st century that racism is wrong, but as you have exemplified for us, that is only MOST people, not everyone. Unfortunately. You couldn't be any more tactless if you tried.

: : : Ellie, that's a sad thing that he couldn't find a beautiful Greek woman instead. Your culture is probably very foreign even though you are Christian. Don't forget that the Greeks are Greek before they are Christian. And also that the Greeks fought your Persian ancestors many times in the past. Persians don't exist today so you are probably using that fake nationality to hide your true foreign origin. Tell us, are you an Arab? Syrian, Armenian??? Please always be a good servant to your husband, and do your best to blend in the Greek culture. Give your children a complete Greek education and be proud that they will be Greek.
: : :
: : : : I understand that it is important for Greeks to marry Greeks. I am currently dating a Greek guy and wanted to know if it would be a problem with his family that I am Persian. I am Christian so hopefully religion would not be an issue, but would culture be one?

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