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Posted by Victor on May 17, 2002 at 12:44:47:

In Reply to: Re: Traitor or citizen? posted by patriwths on May 17, 2002 at 10:27:41:

Beautiful words patriotis.

: That king and his line were not _greek_ kings, they were foriegners, sent to use by the 'enlightened' west to rule us because they didnt think anybody capable of managing their own affairs. The same attitude persists today, mostly with the Brits and the Americans.
: In any case, those kings they sent us, more or less as a condition of their recognition of the greek state renewed after 1821, were more foriegn agents than greek rulers. After
: enough generations gorwing up in greece, yeah they spoke greek as well as the rest of us, probably took on some of our traditions, but he is not greek.
: Now, the current government we have is even worse than the king. Theyre still traitors, too.
: The best form of government we can have is a monarchy, a _Greek_ monarchy, with the fate of the king bound to the fate of the nation, a greek king who rules with greek ideals and the greek state as his foremost interest, not foriegners.
: Is the old king a traitor? i think hes less of a traitor than simitis or papandrea, but he certainly didnt advance our cause any and had little or no relation to us. Should he return as a private citizen?
: well, we have so many other foriegners coming through, one more would hardly be noticed. (I think we should shut off the flood of tourism, though. It is ruining our culture, our economy, and the future of our society. Close the borders from a
: flood to a trickle. Then, we might be hospitable to visitors again. but not tourists and thieves and foriegn interference).

: Pas mh Ellhn, Varvaros.

: : I've just finished reading Melina Mercuri's autobiography written in 1971, when the colonels were still in power in Greece due to the idiotic junta in 67. Her biography caused me to do some research on the role of the supposed Greek royal family, especially the role of the current ex-king Constantine which could be described as pathetically weak to the point of being puppet at best, and an immature anti-democrat at worst. And yet I saw him on CNN recently talking about those days like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. What a lousy hypocrite. He wants to return to Greece, as a private citizen, I wonder exactly what his agenda is as he has proven himself to be absolutely untrustworthy no matter if you believe in the left or the right or the center of politics. The old democrats in Greece couldn't trust him and even the colonels couldn't trust him when he attempted his pathetic counter-coup. Now the malicious millionare with attitude wants reparations for 'lost' property in Greece and wishes to fleece the Greek people of millions. Pretty funny coming from a non-Greek, a Glucksberg or what ever he is, and a supposed king of Greece. My personal opinion is that Greece never NEEDED kings and certainly doesn't want one now. What are the folks who visit this board opinion on the man, who has a history of political ineptitude and interference, wanting to go to Greece during the olympics? His visiting at any time is divisive and will cause demonstrations by people who remember his role in the military junta, who have relatives still suffering the effects of torture in the junta jails. So, what's the board member's vote on the ex-non-Greek supposed king millionare of Greece visiting the country he betrayed like no king has betrayed his land in recent history?

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