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Posted by Maniates on May 23, 2002 at 13:11:49:

In Reply to: Re: Pampos -Learn something about your heritage posted by patriwths on May 23, 2002 at 10:34:51:

Yes, The Hellenes originated in Pindus mountain region and were mostly Alpine/Dinaric in racial character.Medium height stocky -broad headed.Alexander was a typical Alpine/Dinaric Northwest Greek with perhaps a nordic strain.

group who Coon is calling 'alpine' (the anthropological classification of modern academia), this is the people who called themselves Ellhnes

Actually the Dorians were more Alpine/Dinaric then Nordic.Coon describes the Dorians as extreme
Dinaric type not nordic .Dinaric -similar to Alpines -ex stocky and broad skulled but taller .The Skafakia of Crete are considered to be among the best examples of Doric Greeks .Maniti Greeks also contain many Doric elements.Nordic
elements may have been present in the Dorians but not prevaling -Nordics are tall lean narrow skulled and usually blond.Alpines are shorter medium in complextion but stockier and more powerful in the upper body.The nordic crap is propaganda by nordicist who wish to take credit for Greek civilization.The fact that Greece does well in weightlifting is due to the presence of a strong Alpine component in the population.Dimas is definately an Alpine type.

American anthropologist -Roland Dixon stated the Spartans represented the Stubborness of the Alpine race.The warrior masks to the Spartans clearly represented and Alpine head form.

The third group, the 'nordic' group, were the Dorians, who came into what is now northern greece as early as the 1400s or even 1500s BC, and came south
in fits and starts and then invaded around 1150-1100 BC.

As for the Minoans and Pelegesians.Your right they were mediteranean-The Minoans were lithe ,slender bodies ,generally darker in pigmentation ,less war like-then they Doric or Ionic Greeks who conquered them.Mediteranean Caucasoid Race-small boned,narrow skulls ,darker pigmentation .

Yes-I agree with your overall evaluation on the percentages.Good post.

5 to 10%. In the Peloponisos and attiki, I would say the mix is about 25% pelasgian, 50% 'ellhn', and about 25% dorian. In makedonia, thraki, and Hpeirw north of the passes from Arta, I would say that the mix is 5-10% Pelasgian, about 40-50% 'ellhn', and 40-50% dorian. In the islands and crete, i'd say the dorian component is negligible, maybe 5% to 10, and the ellhn maybe 20-30%. In Kypros, the mix is probably about 40% pelasgian

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