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Posted by Maniates on May 24, 2002 at 12:06:18:

In Reply to: Re: Dorians posted by patriwths on May 24, 2002 at 09:55:46:

are by all accounts taller, more prone to being blond, and more prone to having blue, green, or grey eyes. By what ive ever read,
I am of the opinion that the Dorians would be somewhat related to the Celts. There certainly are even today greeks who are blond or have light colored eyes

True they were more continental European and definately not mediteranean .This does not necassarily imply nordic .The Alpine-Dinaric racial type is catogorized mostly but a heavy upper body type while nordics are tall and slimer.True they probably had a nordic component but the physical descriptions of the Doric Greeks
are undoubtably more on the Alpine side.Blondness
appears strongest in the Nordic race but also appears sporadicly in the Alpine race and even in the mediteraneran race -though this is rare.Racial types are determined mostly by skelital structure.Pigmentaion is a secondary factor.

The Alpine-Dinaric racial types are of original european stock native to central europe and the balkans .The skelital remains of northern Greece
were of a more Alpine-Dinaric basic Hellenic type since Paleolithic days and not mediteranean.The Doric Greeks like ALL NON PELEGESIAN Greek peroples were essentially a native Balkan early Hellenic non mediteranean people.They remained in the Pindus region longer then the earlier Achean Greeks who began moving south in the bronze age.The remaining population on northern Greece that did not move south became known as the Macedonians.

As for the mediteranean type Pelegesian -Minoans .They represented the old mediteranean race and were native to that region.They differ substantially from the Alpine/Dinaric basic Hellenic type in skelital terms.They were shorter
small framed and had smoother gracile features while the basic Hellenic type Alpines were taller much stockier and had stronger more chizeled features.

Your right that most Greeks today are more basic Hellenic Alpine then mediteranean.Very few Greeks I know are pure small boned petite gracile meds .

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