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Posted by John Galt on May 25, 2002 at 21:35:34:

In Reply to: Re: interracial marriages posted by rania on May 20, 2002 at 08:17:43:

: hey melina,

: I have been trying to find info on this myself. It seems that religion, not race, is the key factor. i tried a search on the interneed and found info from the Ukranian Orthodox church @

: We have to make the distinction between interfaith, inter-ethnic and interracial marriages.
: The Orthodox Church distinguishes between Christian and non-Christian interfaith marriages.
: In the first case, the marriage of an Orthodox Christian to a non-Orthodox Christian
: (Byzantine Rite Catholic, Roman Catholic, Anglican, etc.), the Orthodox Church normally will
: sanctify the marriage. Orthodox Christians should know that they must be married in their
: own Church if they are to remain in good standing with their Church, that is, if they wish to
: continue to receive the sacraments in the Orthodox Church. However, in the second case, in
: which an Orthodox Christian seeks to marry a non-Christian (Jew, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist,
: etc.), the marriage cannot take place in the Orthodox Church. Thus, persons who enter into
: such marriages, in practice, excommunicate themselves.
: A mixed marriage may be at once an interfaith and inter-ethnic marriage at the same time.
: However, all inter-ethnic marriages are not necessarily interfaith marriages. For instance, if a
: Ukrainian Orthodox Christian marries a Christian from the Greek, Antiochian, Russian,
: Bulgarian, or Romanian Orthodox Church, the marriage is inter-ethnic, but not interfaith. Such
: a marriage is perfectly acceptable from a religious point of view.
: Interracial marriage takes place when the partners belong to two different races, such as when
: a Caucasian and a Negro marry. From the point of view of canon law, the Orthodox Church
: permits interracial marriages when both partners are Orthodox Christians. Often, however, an
: interracial marriage is also an interfaith marriage. In that case, the rules and regulations
: covering interfaith marriages hold true. [Adapted from: S. Harakas, Contemporary Moral
: Issues, Minneapolis: Light and Life, 1982, p. 105-107.]

: : my boyfriend is hindu, and i have been reading about
: : some of the regulations for marriage within the orthodox
: : church. nothing that i've read addresses hindu - greek
: : weddings. does anyone know if we will have a problem?
You have many problems.
first of all Hindu is a religion not a race to correct rania.
secondly, ask him if he practices washing his face with cow urine, a common practice among hindus.
thridly, fin yourself a nice Greek boy and make your parents happy

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