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Posted by Maniates on May 27, 2002 at 18:53:22:

No one is saying that it is impossible for you to have Frankish ancestry.However the point that Coon
Poulianos and GS Angel have pointed out is that the the foreign elements in Greece in terms of numbers were to minimal to have a significant impact on the exdisting Greek stock.Once again ,having blond hair does NOT in of itself mean non Greek ancestry.Nordic elements have been in Greece since the Bronze age .Blondism also occurs in lesser degrees in the Alpine and mediteranean races.As for DNA testing modern Greeks show strong links to the populations of southern Italy that were most known as MAGNA GRECIA in ancient days.Cavalli-Sfroza attribute this to a that region of Italy retaining its ancient Greek stock.

You mentioned in western schools you learned that modern Greeks were different then anient Greeks .That is the result of FALLAMAYER PROPAGANDA.FALLAMAYER was neither a anthropologist nor geneticist.

Its amazing how Greeks themselves buy into such nonsense.

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