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Posted by T.R. on May 29, 2002 at 17:27:34:

In Reply to: Re: Greek identity begins with the Illiad posted by innocent bystander on May 29, 2002 at 17:13:22:

I can confirm AngloAustralian racism. First during the 19c they decimated the native population through deliberate murder (even the poisoning of water wells) and disease. The last reported mass murder of native Australians occured in the 1930's in the state of Queensland. Then the Australian Government sanctioned the removal of native Australian children from their parents to be brought up in orphanages where the girls were trained to become domestic help (servants) and the boys, farm workers. Then, in the 18c there was a small migration of Chinese people who came to Australia to work the gold fields during the goldrush years. The Chinese would work the fields once the whites had finished with them, as they were so hated by whites. Mass murders of Chinese were common on the goldfields. Then in the 20c, the postwar immigration of Europeans gave AngloAustralians new targets for their racist hatred, all Greeks, Italians, Poles, anyone who was not of Anglo ancenstry was hated, attacked for speaking their own language in the street, the children were attacked in schools (and I should know, I was one of them), passed over for promotion etc. Greeks and other Europeans basically used to just associate with their own kind for safety and sanity's sake. Then there was the Asian influx, mostly Vietnamese people arriving in the 70's and 80's. Again, they formed enclaves for safety and sanity's reason. Today, AngloAustralians PRETEND to be non-racist, and maybe some of them are, but their xenophobia lies just under the surface. Ask and Anglo how they would feel if their child wanted to marry a Greek or Italian and see what you get. AngloAustralians remain hateful, spiteful and incredibly ignorant despite the supposed sophisticated culture they like to advertise in their tourist brochures. The Greeks and Italians who came here after WW2 came here because their own homes were literally shattered, so they came to Australia simply to earn a living and get a roof over their head. And not because they liked Anglos. The 2nd and 3rd and now 4th generation stays because that's where their connections are. But make no mistake AngloAustralians are the apartheid-loving Afrikaners of the Pacific.

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