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Posted by A girl in trouble.... on August 22, 2000 at 02:53:46:

OK, this may seem like a very high scream in the darkness...but I need your help.
After dating a greek boy for 2 years soon, I`m pregnant!!!! I haven`t told him yet, since our relationship is not going very good right now. We are living almost 5000 miles away from each other, but I visits him almost evry second month.
But last time evrything went wrong...we were fighting a lot and broke up a couple of times....
But we were together again when I left...but still...we almost not are talking on the phone after seems like our relationship is over. He told me that he wanted to go on, but that he did`nt want any serious relationship....?
So...I haven`t told him yet.....I don`t know what to do....I want to tell him, but I know that the last thing he wants is a kid right now....And the last thing I want now is to take away his kid....
I`m desperatly seeking your advice, since our relationship is so bad that I don`t know if he would like to hear this....Please give some advice...because I just don`t know what to do anymore...I love my greek boy, but it seems like he don`t feel so much for me anymore....
So do you have ANY GOOD advices...I would be so happy.
If u were a boy, what or how would u react on this if I told u.....

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