Re: Difference between Greek Orth. and Christianity???

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Posted by Mihalis on November 17, 2000 at 10:33:59:

In Reply to: Re: Difference between Greek Orth. and Christianity??? posted by Mihalis on November 17, 2000 at 10:18:09:

: Jennifer-

: I am Greek Orthodox and, having grown up in America, can attest to the pitiful attempts of the Greek church to educate its' congregation. Most Greeks cannot carry on a decent intellectual conversation about their religion nor can many of them describe its' tenets and how they differ from other christian denominations. It is an adult church for adults. It generally does not cater to children (like my wife's catholic church). This is a church in crisis in the 21st century. The young people do not understand it nor do they relate to it. If it does not give you strength and guidance, what good is it? Many of us young Greeks are struggling to hold on to it because it is the church we grew up in....but it is dying. In many ways it will be inflexible. The Greek Orthodox church believes that their "way" is the correct one and that there will be no common christianity as long as the other religions fail to "get back to the correct path". Perhaps this is short-sighted, I don't know.

I will disagree with Gary on the baptism issue in that no one that I know was baptized as an infant. The Catholics however, do baptize children less than one year of age. The Orthodox church (from what I can tell)only stipulates "baptism by full immersion". From what I have read, the Orthodox church does not believe that you receive salvation through "good works" as Gary states below. This is not enough as it is the faith in Jesus Christ which is the obligate tool in achieving salvation (see reference below). Gary may be correct and I may be wrong...this is just my interpretation.

If you plan to marry this man, expect that the wedding (albeit a beautiful one) would have to take place in a Greek church and nowhere else to be recognized by the GOC. That means no other priest can perform the ceremony with the Greek priest and that no Greek priest will perform the ceremony with another priest at another church. Closed-minded...I know.

: That being said, the old traditions are unique and when they do connect with you on a spiritual is very profound. I found a website to be helpful: I won't go into any other sensitive stuff like Gary....but suffice it to say you may find your boyfriend uninformed and yourself disappointed. Best of luck....I hope this helps.

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