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Posted by Stelios on December 26, 2000 at 13:44:01:

In Reply to: Re: Greeks and the Ottoman Rule posted by Tuba on December 24, 2000 at 14:43:49:


Your question indicates your level of ignorance.
Other than Attila the Hun and Tamerlane perhaps,
the Turks (Ottomans and modern-day) have one of
the worst records with respect to genocides. The
British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. that
you have listed do not even merit a mention when
compared to the "accomplishments" of the Turkish
horde. The Turkish scourge is not a thing of the
past. We us Greeks live with it daily. Incursions
of Turkish planes over the Aegean and Cyprus, and
daily threats on our sovereignty, if we do not
surrender more territories to them. All with the
condescension (if not blessing) of NATO.

Thanks to the American and British governments,
the Turkish cannibals continue to occupy 40% of
the independent Republic of Cyprus since 1974.
They have murdered, raped, pillaged, robbed,
turned churches into stables and desecrated
cemeteries in the occupied zone, UNPUNISHED.

When is the Pope going to speak out for his
Orthodox Christian brothers suffering in Cyprus
under the Turkish boot?

When is the Queen of the "enlightened" United
Kingdom going to offer up her support for the
crime that has transpired since 1974 in Cyprus?

When will Bill Clinton stop spending 95% of his
time fighting for Israel's interests and spend a
bit of time on the "slow-boil" Cyprus powderkeg?

It is the American government's funding of the
Turkish military that maintains and encourages
the military leadership in Turkey.

All of them..USA, UK, Vatican are hypocrites that
play up the same old "divide and conquer" policy.

Now...with uncle Bush in the pilot's seat we can
only wait to see more of the same and worse. That
low-life he chose as his VP was quoted as saying
that the USA is wasting its resources trying to
broker a peace deal for a half million people in
Cyprus. He must be related to Henry Kissinger...
another lovely by-product of USA foreign policy.

Fuck them all...their peace initiatives are all
just a waste of time anyway. Our reps go to the
intercommunal talks in good faith and always run
into the stonewalling shenanigans of that ugly
pig, Rauf Denktas. It is a game to waste time
and enforce the Turkish hold on occupied Cyprus.
I have lived it for 26 years now and I have not
seen an ince of progress in all that time.

Greece should never accept a place for Turkey in
the European Union if the Turks don't pull out
their stinking troops from Cyprus first.

Greece should plan a long term strategy to build
military strength and when we find the opportune
moment (and it will come) we will fight to regain
our lost lands from the Turks!

Long Live Greece!!!

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