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Posted by Mike on December 27, 2000 at 08:29:03:

In Reply to: Re: Greeks and the Ottoman Rule posted by Stelios on December 26, 2000 at 13:44:01:

Well, Stelios, I guess per definition all questions reveal ignorance, but
sometimes the answer more so. I understand from your reply that the subject
lies close to your heart, but do you think your display of emotional
bigotry does your cause any good? I mean, who is going to take this
diatribe seriously? More brain and less brawn, and you might make
sense to this ignorant foreigner. All I can say is that I doubt that
Greece's problems will ever be solved by the likes of you.

: Mike,

: Your question indicates your level of ignorance.
: Other than Attila the Hun and Tamerlane perhaps,
: the Turks (Ottomans and modern-day) have one of
: the worst records with respect to genocides. The
: British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. that
: you have listed do not even merit a mention when
: compared to the "accomplishments" of the Turkish
: horde. The Turkish scourge is not a thing of the
: past. We us Greeks live with it daily. Incursions
: of Turkish planes over the Aegean and Cyprus, and
: daily threats on our sovereignty, if we do not
: surrender more territories to them. All with the
: condescension (if not blessing) of NATO.

: Thanks to the American and British governments,
: the Turkish cannibals continue to occupy 40% of
: the independent Republic of Cyprus since 1974.
: They have murdered, raped, pillaged, robbed,
: turned churches into stables and desecrated
: cemeteries in the occupied zone, UNPUNISHED.

: When is the Pope going to speak out for his
: Orthodox Christian brothers suffering in Cyprus
: under the Turkish boot?

: When is the Queen of the "enlightened" United
: Kingdom going to offer up her support for the
: crime that has transpired since 1974 in Cyprus?

: When will Bill Clinton stop spending 95% of his
: time fighting for Israel's interests and spend a
: bit of time on the "slow-boil" Cyprus powderkeg?

: It is the American government's funding of the
: Turkish military that maintains and encourages
: the military leadership in Turkey.

: All of them..USA, UK, Vatican are hypocrites that
: play up the same old "divide and conquer" policy.

: Now...with uncle Bush in the pilot's seat we can
: only wait to see more of the same and worse. That
: low-life he chose as his VP was quoted as saying
: that the USA is wasting its resources trying to
: broker a peace deal for a half million people in
: Cyprus. He must be related to Henry Kissinger...
: another lovely by-product of USA foreign policy.

: Fuck them all...their peace initiatives are all
: just a waste of time anyway. Our reps go to the
: intercommunal talks in good faith and always run
: into the stonewalling shenanigans of that ugly
: pig, Rauf Denktas. It is a game to waste time
: and enforce the Turkish hold on occupied Cyprus.
: I have lived it for 26 years now and I have not
: seen an ince of progress in all that time.

: Greece should never accept a place for Turkey in
: the European Union if the Turks don't pull out
: their stinking troops from Cyprus first.

: Greece should plan a long term strategy to build
: military strength and when we find the opportune
: moment (and it will come) we will fight to regain
: our lost lands from the Turks!

: Long Live Greece!!!

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