Re: Enjoying my freedom as a human being thank you!

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Posted by B on February 05, 2001 at 14:39:16:

In Reply to: Re: Enjoying my freedom as a human being thank you! posted by Calliope on February 05, 2001 at 11:12:03:

They did not diasappear, they merely evolved. By doing so, they were able to import many of the positive attributes of the Puritan way of life into a culture that was greater and stronger then there own.

A culture can be incorrect in its ways. Unless you would like to argue that Nazi Germany was merely culturly misunderstood, or that the Civil war was fought because the North just couldn't appreciate a culture where the ownership of humans was all right. Your reasoning falls into line with that of the Chinese governemnt. Your right, I just don't understand the opression of people enough to appreciate its cultural value.

It is that spirit of change which exists in many Greeks and non Greeks alike which must be supported. Supporting a static culture is condoning all of its properties. Good as well as bad.

I understand your stance on everything being relative to ones perspective, but opression is opression whether those involved care to see it or not.

If someone says to me, my family would disapprove of my mate because they are not of the same ethnicity, and therefore I am not going to marry that person, then that person is being opressed. That person is being controlled by their family. Yeah that might be culturally acceptable, but that is not mask for the principles in which it violates.

If it is all the same, I will stick to my world view.

: : My dear, not one time did I designate myself as being Greek. You jump to conclusions too fast. My problem with the post was with the tone of anger it was written. There is no attempt to understand where the family was "coming from". One thing that I have always stressed is DIVERSITY. Although we don't always agree with the culture, lifestyles, or traditions of another that doesn't mean that they are wrong and we are right. You ramble on and on about things that have no bearing on the subject. Greeks are very diverse and individual families have their taboos. Are you saying that all Greek families act this way. A little narrowed minded aren't we. By the way the Puritans came seeking religous freedom. And as you know, they vanished. Maybe too much assimilation? Καλλιοπε.

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