Re: Interpretation (trial). You're welcome Jan, and thankyou Mike.

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Posted by Joanna on March 04, 2001 at 20:08:07:

In Reply to: Interpretation (trial) posted by Mike A. on March 01, 2001 at 18:46:06:

: The CD-set "To neo kyma" which you mention, Jan, is exactly the production from which I know the song.

: Concerning your question, Ioanna, about the meaning of the song, my idea is the following:

: Because of the departure of the children (= young people) the island loses all its charm and its qualities. Obviously one girl remained on the island and as a result of her grief she turned to marble and her smile became stony. In consequence of all this the dreams (= wishes, hopes) also passed away, like ships. (Concerning the wild birds, at the moment I have no explanation.)

: The hand in the harbour perhaps is a symbol for dark clouds or mist (?). Sleep, night and the girl itself are no longer what they were formerly.

: I do not know if this interpretion is convincing. Anyway, for me remain as a problem the wild birds and their role concerning the stony smile of the girl.

: Mike A.

I'm glad my translation was ok Mike. And thankyou for trying to explain it to me. It's true that it does have a sort of atmosphere or mood as Jan suggested. To me it sounds sad and I think that is the purpose of the song. I think in order to fully understand it someone would have to ask the writers of the song about it.

My interpretation is that the children or many of the young working people left the island for work elsewhere and so the island had lost the life, that is, the 'fire' and the 'masts' that had previously kept it going (or the charm etc. as you put it Mike). And perhaps that's why the 'children' had left in the first place.

These children had dreamt of leaving and finding a better/richer life and they finally did leave, that is, the dreams became ships. This girl whoever she is remained behind staring out to sea. (Perhaps she's based on a statue of an ancient goddess of the island).

The 'wild birds of the sea' could also be the children who are now lost to the world, that is scattered here and there. 'Sleep is no longer deep' because there is no more dreaming on the island since the children have left and are dreaming and fulfilling their dreams far away from the island in the places where they have gone to.

Well, that's my guess. (Similar or the same as yours Mike).


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