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Posted by Italida on January 23, 2001 at 07:07:57:

In Reply to: Re: Come on... posted by Giorgos on January 23, 2001 at 05:12:20:

: : Sorry, Giorgos, but you must have bad eyes, because a lot of greek men DO have a long nail on their pinky finger. I don't try to be nasty or something, it was just an honest question. I didn't generalise at all, then I would have said; all greek men! But I didn't.

: : I have also heard that the reason is status, I just wanted to get that confirmed, or get another reason...

: My eyes are really good, thanks very much.
: I saw this Greek connection site and unfortunately some of the things that are said here are not part of Greek life. I am talking in Greece, I don't know about the states or for some of the Greeks abroad that I respect them all a lot but in some cases things are left exactly as it was in Greek villages 40 years ago when their parents or grandparents emigrated.
: Things like you mention DO NOT EXIST in everyday Greek life any more. Even things that were posted earlier, something like "what is the law for a couple in Greece living together but not married"!!!
: THERE IS NO LAW that could ever object something like that. Even the church by Archbishop Christodoulos welcomes the new open minded generation in church and accept modern society A LOT MORE THAN SOME PEOPLE WANT TO THINK. The Greek Orthodox church and Orthodox Christians are a lot more open minded than some sections of Catholic Church and followers. Archbishop Christodoulos welcomes the Greek youths exactly as they are and believes in them, even youths with long hair and ear piercings(just like me!! and believe me there is a large number of youths like me back home and abroad ), and are really glad when young people go on with their lifes believing in God and Jesus, but under the circustances of modern society.
: This kind of prejudice DOES NOT EXIST ANY MORE not in the levels that is sometimes displayed here. We are talking always about the main city centres, which are Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra etc, which (maybe unfortunately), regarding 5 millions in Athens another 1-2 in Saloniki, constitute at least 70% of the Greek population nowadays.
: I am not attacking anyone here, but since I moved to England for a few years I've seen such a misconception from foreigners about Greece and Greek people in general and so many diverse opinions that contradict one another that really brought me down and I 'm trying to understand where it stems from and unfortunately it comes down to opinions like yours.
: Why is it that many English when they see me and all of the Greek students here they might go...."ah, you look like Italians or Spanish. You're Greek??? Oh, you're not dark enough... or I didn't think that Greek people looked like you guys, you're not hairy!!!!!!!"
: Of course this does not apply for all the foreign people, since there are many that have visited Greece (not as the typical tourist!!) or met Greek people at universities, at work etc and have really seen what Greece is about.
: Greece for me and all the Greek youth is about freedom, power, respect, inspiration, open-mindness and tradition(they do not contradict one another), history, culture, religion, musculinity and elegance, proud men (not in a stupid way!), strong women, beautiful people and other things that stimulate the mind and sences.
: Anyway, I think this message is getting long. I'm not a regural of this site, but I just saw some things here and I had to say my point of view. Everybody is welcome to comment...

Min anisyxiseis Giwrgo!
Ta minymata pou mporei kaneis na brei stous pinakes sto Internet einai syxna perierga. Egw den tin eida pote ayti...ayti tin apostrofi pou milise i Xristina, kai kserw tin Ellada kai tous Ellines apo 10 xronia.
Min orgizesai!!...exei plaka!!!


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