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Posted by Joanna on February 28, 2001 at 18:01:47:

In Reply to: Re: Greek version first posted by Jan on February 28, 2001 at 06:08:55:

: : Hello Jan,

: : I will write down the lyrics in Greek and leave the translation to others who can make this better than me. Let's wait a little bit - if you will get no translation, I will try for myself.

: : Δεν είχε το νησί κατάρτια, δεν είχε το νησί φωτιά
: : δεν είχε το νησί τραγούδια γιατί μισέψαν τα παιδιά
: : δεν είχε το νησί φεγγάρια, μαρμάρωσε κι η κοπελιά.

: : Στο πέτρινο χαμόγελό της γίναν τα όνειρα καράβια
: : το πέτρινο χαμόγελό της το χτίσανε στη μοναξιά
: : τ’ αγριοπούλια του πελάγου και χάθηκαν και χάθηκαν.

: : Τώρα ένα χέρι στο λιμάνι βάφει τη θάλασσα σταχτιά
: : δεν είναι πια βαθύς ο ύπνος, δεν έχει ελπίδες η νυχτιά
: : τώρα είναι μόνη στο λιμάνι κι είναι τα όνειρα μακριά.

: Hello Mike,

: Thanks a lot for the lyrics. A translation in English would be great but a brief explanation what the song is about will do as well. - The very best wishes from Copenhagen/Denmark.
: Jan

Since I like translating I'll give this one a go to the best of my ability:

"The island had no masts, the island had no fire
The island had no songs because the children had departed.
The island had no moons, and the girl was turned to marble.

Upon her stony smile the dreams have become ships
Her stony smile they built it upon loneliness
The wild birds of the sea, and they were lost, and they were lost.

Now one hand in the harbour is painting the sea pale,
Sleep is no longer deep, the night has no hope
Now she is alone in the harbour and the dreams are far away."

The song sounds rather bizarre although it does sound poetic. Did I translate it ok Mike? And tell me what is the message in the song? I have a feeling that it's about the people who had left the island but who is the girl (the one who turned to marble)?

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