Consensual Relations As Adults?

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Posted by Steph on May 03, 2001 at 21:11:54:

I need another woman’s opinion on a really sensitive topic? I’m 20yrs old and
my brother is 23. We're good friends and get along great. As siblings I would
say we're close. We've got lots in common. Similar interests and talents. And
I guess I could really say that he’s one of my best friends. Peter could be
described as a real “hottie”, he’s 6’3 230 lbs. muscular build. Ice-blue eyes,
creamy brown hair, chiseled features, honestly he is one of the most gorgeous
guys I’ve ever seen in my life. He does professional modeling for a huge
agency in town, very athletic, and he’s one of the top students in his
college. But most importantly he’s such a great guy! He’s such a sweetheart!
Here’s the problem…this is gonna sound really awkward and strange but…I think
I’m in love with him. Now I know that sounds childish but you haven’t met or
seen him. All my girlfriends are in love with him. They’re all jealous of me,
because he’s MY brother! I consider myself pretty healthy. I have a very
active life, I’m a good student, our family is happy and prosperous and there
was never any weirdness when we were growing up…I don’t know why I have these
feelings for him. God I love him so much! He doesn’t know how I feel. I’m not
inexperienced, I’ve had lots of boyfriends, and everyone tells me that I’m
really pretty. I’ve had this fantasy about him since I was a teenager. I
always wondered if we could have developed a sexual relationship together
And if it really would be that bad. I mean..we are adults. And if we take the
proper precautions maybe it’ll end up being really beautiful. But I’m not
sure if he feels that way about me. I was planning on telling him how I felt
these next few months. I’m worried that if he gets scared off or worse if he
ends up hating me or telling our parents. I really need some feedback on this.
Only my best friend knows how I feel and what I’m planning on doing. And she
promised me that she wouldn’t tell anyone, even though she thinks it’s a crazy
and dangerous thing to do.
I’ve read about Lord Byron and his relationship with his sister or Angelie
Jolie with her Brother, it feels like I should do this with Peter. I promised
myself that before I approach him that I’d send this out to get
enough responses and based on what I find. That’s how I’ll



I'll leave you with this.

Love is all there is, ever was, or will be... More than sex, tantra is a way
of life... More pleasure, and beyond sexual pleasure to spiritual awakening...
Beyond technique to sexual mastery... Beyond sexual performance to trust,
surrender, letting go... Beyond relationship to total intimacy and deep mutual
loving... Beyond "body-friction" to sexual energy... Beyond serious and
self-conscious to fun and play... Beyond ego to your true self, your higher
self... Beyond fear to innocence... Beyond lovers to Gods & Goddesses...
Beyond tension release to passion... Beyond boredom to excitement, mystery,
surprise... Beyond sexual abuse to sexual healing... Clitoral orgasms and
beyond to G-spot orgasms, to whole body orgasms, to ecstasy... Beyond
ejaculation to male multiple orgasms... Beyond living in the past or future
to living fully in the now moment... Beyond shame to celebration... Beyond
vitamins to aphrodisiacs... Beyond falling in love to creating love... Beyond
desire to satisfaction... Beyond talk to action... Beyond thought to
intuition... Beyond words to "knowing"... Beyond loneliness to divine
connection... Beyond separation to unity of body, mind, heart and soul

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