Re: Consensual Relations As Adults?

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Posted by Joanna on May 06, 2001 at 00:54:48:

In Reply to: Consensual Relations As Adults? posted by Steph on May 03, 2001 at 21:11:54:


You have really got me worried. Steph, you do realise that you are considering incest. This is an awful sin. Any sex outside of marriage is a sin but within the family it's multiplied. Please do not proceed with this. A fantasy is but a fantasy. You're 20 and at 20 most "adults" as I have observed including myself at that age are still immature. It's amazing how stupidly we visioned the world at that time. At 20 most people are very self-centred and see through tunnel visions. That is we think that our own feelings are the most important. But in reality they're not. Any hint of this to your brother could lead to the following consequences (and they are more than likely):

-your brother will be repulsed by you. He will then reject and avoid you.
-He may tell your parents. They will be devastated. They will make you or your brother leave the family.
-Your brother may leave of his own accord.
-The whole family may break-up.

If you carry this thing out and think it will stay secret then don't be fooled. It will come out and sooner then you think. You will lose your self-respect (if you have any for yourself that is) and the people around you will reject you.

You're on a path of self-destruction. I ask that you see a priest immediately. There is no need to tell anyone else about this. He will treat this privately and confidentially and advise you of what to do. Why a priest? Because when there is no one else to turn to -face to face- for serious advice and for real wisdom, you can always turn to a priest. Everything you tell him will remain absolutely private and confidential. He will help you Steph. Do not be embarrassed or intimidated to see him.

Steph all that I have said sounds tragic. But this is reality. I think you have been badly influenced by our "free sex" scandalous society. Just because many adults around us go out and have sex outside of marriage or do other strange and obscene things does not mean it's okay for us to do the same. Wisdom does not always come with age for many if not most people unfortunately.

I have given you blunt but honest advice. I ask that our Lord helps you. Please pray for yourself. I will also do the same for you.


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