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Posted by b on May 05, 2001 at 03:31:16:

In Reply to: Re: Greeks on non-Greeks and non-Europeans posted by GS on May 04, 2001 at 10:34:05:

What a bunch of horse shit. I can't say I have ever heard of an Italian professing Ancient roman lineage. The truth of the matter is, why would I want to be associated with Ancient Romans. What right do I have to ride the coat tails of those who have gone before me, particularly thousands of years before me. I live in a different world, a different civilization.

As an American (I conciously ditch any reference to my european roots), I neither boast about the industrial revolution, I do not pound my chest proclaiming credit for becoming the most powerful nation in the world. On the flip side, I do not take responsability for the missteps of my forefathers, nor do I deny the attrociites committed by them. Why, because I was born in 1972, and I had nothing to do with any of those things. I am very proud to be part of a nation which was based on assimilation. I am proud that as an ethnic group, my ancestors pulled their head out of their collective asses and realized that until you assimilate with American Society, all you do is take and give NOTHING back.

My fiances family is from Greece and they live here in the United States. I respect them very much and try to be as acomodating to their needs as possible. However, I close my ears when I hear about how important it is to save Hellenic culture. Not that I don't fully believe in that, it is the method and mindset behind it which is down right disgusting. The pressure placed on the children in the greek community I live in is enormous. The explanation I tend to get is "You can't understand, its a cultural/greek thinng." Well I do understand it actually, Culture and Race are not co-dependant. There was an interesting show on PBS regarding Greeks in the United States. They interviewed a number of prominent Greek Americans, like Dukakis and Stehpenopolis. Stephenopolis was very blunt, he said that pressure to maintain a pure Greek blood line is not unique to the United States. It is the concept and idea of Hellenism which drives it. For any non-Greeks out there Helenism by George Stephenopolis's definition (a defninition I have found extensive support of) is basically this. There is a strong belief that all Greeks are decendants of the great Ancient Greek thinkers and philosophers. He kind gave a knowing chuckle and went on. I am always amused when I hear my future father in law speak. Making arguments which fail all tests of logic and reason. I laugh when I read posts on this site which address a clear coherent argument with insults and nationalistic boasting.

You are right we the United States hasn't lived with a constant threat for 100-200 years. We have had our victories and our defeats, and I thank those people who have given there lives to ensure that we haven't had to live under the constant threat of invasion, etc. Please don't tell me about constant threats, or any other bull shit. I am happy that Greece no longer lives under the rule of the Turks, come to think of it I am pretty happy I don't live under the rule of England anymore either. Of course when was the last time you heard an American bellyacheing about the oppressiveness of the tea tax on our ancestors.

Anyway, I was just sick of hearing all the whining and excuses. In particular I was sick of hearing about ancestory which has ZERO impact on your personal life. I am happy to say that I live in country with the longest running, single form of government. Did I have anything to do with that, even though I do vote, I really have nothing to do with our political stability.

I am sure my spelling is bad, my appologies. It is hard to check it on this board

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