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Posted by GS on May 07, 2001 at 18:43:56:

In Reply to: get over yourselves posted by b on May 05, 2001 at 03:31:16:

First of all by characterising someone's opinion written in a serious note, as "a bunch of horse shit", degrades you as a person and maybe I am actually waisting my time replying to you.

I don't understand what was so wrong about what I said or even if it was, why don't you try and actually understand the Greek people's opinion on this subject and instead you are just trying to cuss people off like that.

Again I'm telling you that in countries like Greece (at least at this point in time) the multinational society etc is not very easy to succeed like in countries like the USA where you live in.

I, personally, don't have anything against all the foreigners coming to Greece especially since at this point in time they are actually needed since my country has reached a social stage (which might not be equal to all the large econiomies), but its economy is moving forward, most of the people are educated to degree level and there are several manual etc positions that can usually be filled by many people.

However, things in the Balkans are uneasy, we firstly had war in Bosnia (10 years ago), then coming down to Kosovo (last year), now there are clashes further south in the Kosovar-Fyromian borders and so on.
Who can guarantee to the Greek people that the Albanians that have flooded our country (rightly so in many cases, since a lot of these people came to work and help their families) will not do the exact same thing that they've done in Kosovo. Kosovo was a historical part of Serbia where Albanians started to emigrate especially after the 40s and 50s, reaching a state that they were more Albanians in that region than actually Serbs. Then they tried to revolt and take all the power from the Serb people so that Kosovo joins the "great Albania" and the Serbs sent troops to drive them out.

Then the "ever watching eye" of the United States decided that the Serbs were once more the bad guys and bombed Serbia, made Kosovo "independent" under Albanian control and now it is ready to be handed out to "mother" Albania itself. And even if that wasn't enough, with the Kosovar "Liberation Army" that the States so much supported, trained and handed over so many weapons, now the Albanians also want part of FYROM as well.
Who tells me that the Albanians are not going to try and do the same with the Epiros or Macedonian region of my country as well?!!!

You seem to laugh at the fact that "There is a strong belief that all Greeks are decendants of the great Ancient Greek thinkers and philosophers". What is your specific problem with that?!!!! I accept that there has occured a lot of mixing through the years and I respect that, but if there is any nation that could be close to the ancient Greeks that is the modern Greeks. What is your problem with that? Why do you so eagerly want to prove to us that the modern Greek nation has nothing to do with the ancient one?

As you may notice, it is rarely the starting post by a Greek going "We are the best in the world, we created everything etc"....It is usually somebody else's message that starts off aggressively like "you look more like Turks than have nothing to do with ancient Greeks....your country sucks...there are no blond Greeks etc", that drives all the Greeks to answer to them accordingly.

Even the ancient Greeks themselves were part of many tribes, Doriois, Acheoi etc. Some people of these tribes were darker, some fairer, the Dorians came from the north, this does not make them non-Greeks. Achilleas, against the popular belief, was said to have long blond hair, what is the problem with that? Why a blond Greek guy is considered by some foreigners a non-Greek originating person, and even if it is, what is the problem?

I've met quite a few Americans through my university years and believe me, a lot of them actually boast about their country and their superpower a lot more than the Greeks do about their heritage. And believe me I've met African Americans (and British Jamaicans) who consistently try to date white girls so that they actually take "revenge" for the years of slavery and racial abuse of their forefathers. So there are always issues about the history and the past even in your country.

And finally if you are "just sick of hearing all the whining and excuses", then just don't hear them, we are not forcing you to read our messages, if you don't like them that's your problem, if you want to discuss then do so, but not in a "bunch of horse shit" manner please.

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