Re: a disgrace to your Irish ancestors

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Posted by Maya on May 05, 2001 at 11:45:47:

In Reply to: great support by vangelis posted by b on May 05, 2001 at 03:53:16:

Look, whoever you are, i do not want to start a political quarrel on this message board.If you see a word "Jewish" and become hystercal and as low as coming to threats and crying about racial
purity( or the lack of it), which was never mentioned in my message-look in the mirror.Do not you see and old Adolf there? I really pity your poor Greek girlfriend and her family.I hope she will eventually understand who you really are...
As for the G-d's help-we know already that neither yourlikes nor the G-d will not help us, we remember how your beloved USA returned ships with Jewish refugees to Europe where all of them were killed by yourlikes.My Jewish-Irish nephews also remember it-because of their Irish blood they understand it better than others...So now we have our state and quite capable to defend ourself.
The only one thing I can add-you are a disgrace to
your Irish ancestors.
Your reasoning and logic are missing. Unless you are propossing a theory that somehow, when the world began that countries were already formed, nations already inhabited, and cultures already set in place then your statement smacks of ignorance. If your are extolling the virtues of racial purity then there are some world leaders I really ought to put you in touch with. Perhaps you could start your own Reich. I am not sure when racial purity and cultural heritige somehow became one in the same, but I believe that to be an enormous error.

: How does being part Italian part Irish make me void of culture. I am very aware of my ethnic background, I am also very aware of where I came from and to what I owe my current state of well being. I am very aware that my mothers side of my family came to the United States out of necessity, when the English Crown was slaguhtering all their livestock, and leaving the Irish to self destruct during the potato famine. I am very aware of my heritige and culture, the way they were treated in small Nebraska farm towns where being Catholic was a step below a rodent. I am very aware that when my fathers side of the family imigrated from Italy, my Great Great Grand Father, who had been an orphan and an infantryman when he was still in Italy, came to this country he did so becasue he had nothing. He had no family, only a little Tuscan town which is now my last name. There was no job, no opportunity. In both situations there was no choice, you could stay and die, or you could leave and try to make a go at it.

: Dont tell me I have no nationality of my own. A tree with a single root grows slowly, a tree with many roots grows quickly, and soon overtakes the slower trees.

: Strange mixtures of God knows whom???? Are you serious???? You sound like an old German I have read about, Adolf somebody or the other. What an ignorant person you are. God help you.... Cause you are going to need it.

: B

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