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Posted by Niko on May 08, 2001 at 16:49:30:

In Reply to: Ethnic greek 2nd to NIKO posted by John on May 08, 2001 at 05:58:26:

I think you made a mistake and are refering to the message below the one I wrote. But I would like to ask you what is the definition of a stereotype exactly? If I were to say Japanese have dark hair or a more elongated and thinner eye shape is this a stereotype. If I say that the majority of people in Ethiopia have very dark skin, is this a stereotype. I think you are applying this word to freely, and are including it in areas that are not of opinion but scientific facts. You are the one actually stereotyping people into categories of Black and white, dark or light. Physical traits do not only exist in the spectrum of colors, like hair color, skin color, eye color. Different bone sizes, nose structures, jaw sizes etc. are a scientific reality. For example a study which compared the skull size (and other physical traits) of people in the Balkans found that people living in Albania on average, had the largest cranium. I don't think there is a trend to be dark at all, just the opposite. Why the hell are so many Greek, Arab, Persian women dying their hair blond if there is a trend to be dark? Where do you live exactly? As far as Asian and African, what do you mean exactly?
"believe me in the eye of an african or an asian a greek..."
You aren't using a term which describes continents to "STEREOTYPE" people, are you? I don't think Chinese and Syrians, or Moroccons and Kenyans can be put in the same physical characteristic categories. Lastly, I have never been said to resemble a a typical Swede. I have gotten Greek, Persian, Basque, and Italian. I wonder why????????????

: Hi NIKO,
: I think you should review your parameters!
: Greece as middle East? What? I am as I told before half greek and half pakistani, US citizen, I love being what I am. Listen I travelled around Europe for two years and I can say that, country considered "nordic" as Germany or Holland have a huge part of black haired pure germans or dutch population.
: You can find many southerners such Italians, GREEKS, spanish or Portuguese with nordic features! I mean do not hold on stereotypes! And I repeat, I tell you for experience, personal experience that beside the very dark skinned(of Indian descent) gipsies spreaded allover Europe, the darkest and more "africanized" people in Europe are southern spanish/portuguese and the southern Italians(plus the Tuscans that are of Etruscan/middle eastern descent)I find the greek to be more slavic, like albanians or Yugoslavians.
: But I repeat all Europe from Greece to Sweden is populated by white people, believe me in the eye of an african or an asian a greek will look exactly like a swedish! What is this idea to be willing to resemble arabs? Is a need to try to cope with the trend that is going on now i.e. dark people rule?

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