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Posted by GS on May 09, 2001 at 07:53:01:

In Reply to: Re: Ethnic greek 2nd to NIKO - John You made a mistake! posted by Niko on May 08, 2001 at 16:49:30:

:I don't think there is a trend to be dark at all, just the opposite. Why the hell are so many Greek, Arab, Persian women dying their hair blond if there is a trend to be dark?

I would not agree on that. I must admit that many women dye their hair blond, but just because it is a colour that is said to be prefferred by many men and it actually stands out in a crowd more than dark hair does. And not only Greek, Spanish or Asian women, but English women with dark hair, dye it blond in the same rate as the Greek brunettes do.

However, people mostly want to achieve the "medittarenean" look, ie sun tanned body. That applies to males and females around the world nomatter what their hair colour is. Furthermore, even the girls that dye their hair blond, even the ones that are naturally blond, they spend hours in the sun or in the sun-beds in order to achieve this sun tanned colour, which is associated with Greeks, Italians, Spanish etc. So I believe more northern Europeans want to look like the Southern ones, than actually southern ones to the north ones.

When we are talking about stereotypes we mean about some people that are either ignorant about the culture or have never visited Greece that have this idea of Greeks being in average a lot more darker than they actually are, or that all Greeks are very dark.

All the Greek people, here in England at least, some times get remarks such as: you don't look like Greek, you're not dark enough etc. That's a serious misconception. Or in a crowd of 10 Greeks if one is darker, they will go, ah he is a typical Greek!! Yes, but what about the other 9/10??!!

In general, there are Greeks or Italians that can be as dark as to be passed like Arabs or as fair as to be passed like north Europeans. In general though, the average Greek, Italian or Spanish person is fairer than the average Arab and the average north European is fairer than the average Greek or Italian.

Furthermore, even the people that have this misconception mentioned above, when they come down to meet Greeks or characterise them when they see them in the street etc, they will imidiatelly identify them as South European, even though in the beginning they will most commonly identify them as Spanish or Italian and then as Greeks.

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