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Posted by Elizabeth on July 16, 2001 at 13:23:32:

In Reply to: Re: Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted by Nikos on July 16, 2001 at 13:00:40:

>Are you planning on defining what Western >European means, what country is an example, and >how Greece differs.

Yes...I'll give you one very simple, yet very illustrative example of how Greece differs: the treatment of animals:

I remember reading (in the Athens News I think) about a sick or injured donkey that was allowed to languish in a field in some rural area (an island I think)...and all pleas to do something about it went unheeded...ignored by the mayor etc. Approximately 10 days later someone managed to contact an animal rights organization. They sent someone to investigate, and the donkey was in such a poor state that it had to be put down.

A personal story about animal neglect:

The building behind ours in Athens in a multi-family structure with about 4 floors. Somehow, a cat managed to get itself stuck on the roof a few months ago. We heard it meowing constantly for a couple of days. My husband went over to find out what was happening..and to attempt a rescue. (No one in the building was at all concerned...even those living directly under the screaming cat on the 4th floor) When he was unable to capture the cat, he tried calling the fire department...nothing. He tried calling a couple of supposed animal rights groups listed in the yellow pages...nothing..couldn't help. He even went to a vet for some tranquilizers for the cat's food...thinking that if the cat feel asleep he could grab her. For reasons unknown to us...that also didn't work. The very loud and plaintive crys continued. one was concerned. My husband went up to their roof every day to bring the cat food and water. The crying continued...coming up on three weeks now. Finally, he took his nephew and a large blanket..and decided to try capturing the cat again. They managed to scare the cat into jumping down to another building...which she could then escape from. As he entered the house with his nephew his comments were something like this: "These people are WORSE than animals"

And then...there are all the stray animals that get poisoned every year here.

You don't find this kind of thing in Western Europe, Canada, the US, Australia etc. You DO find it in the Middle East though.

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