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Posted by Maya on August 15, 2001 at 11:10:51:

In Reply to: Re: Greek Muslims posted by Nikos on August 14, 2001 at 23:25:49:

Niko, you know very well, that having this or that mothertongue has nothing to do with being Greek or say, Russian, and so on. A lot of Greeks living abroad do not speak Greek, but sometimes they are bigger Greeks than those living in Greece.Russian Jews speak neither Iddish nor Hebrew- they are still Jews. Russian Germans do not know German-they did not stop being Germans. It's not the question of the language, but of many other things. Concerning the history of Ancient Greece-come on, it has nothing to do with religion,but with the creation of unique culture which later became the basis of what is called now European culture!

: Minos and Maya,

: I have two questions. Since Minos wrote the following "You give up the right to be Greek when you turn your back on your proud history", and Maya agreed, did the Greeks who became Christian turn their backs on the proud history of Ancient Greece, and cease to be Greeks? Considering that many Asia Minor Greeks spoke Turkish (and no Greek)because of the 500 year occupation, were these people not Greek?

: Nikos

: : Fully agree with you!

: : : There is no such thing as a Greek Muslim. You give up the right to be Greek when you turn
: : : your back on your proud history. And yes there are Greek Catholics, Jews, Protestants, but not Muslims, for none of these religions enslaved us like the Muslims. You want to be a Muslim, that's fine. I respect your choice and your right to do so but, you are no longer Greek and should be treated as such.

: : :
: : : Greek Luv

: : :
: : : : And that's the key of the problem, Lena. Every terrorist should be considered an enemy of
: : : : the menkind and treated accordingly.But somehow McVeigh was punished-and rigtly, but those who bombed Twin Towers received only life imprisonment. Why? Take also in consideration, that such persons as Unabomber are individuals.
: : : : And islamic terrorists can find you everywhere. Do you remember the series of bombings in Paris subway perpetrated by algerian fanatics? The PanAm
: : : : airliner? The list can go on and on. No need for the media to create negative picture,really!

: :
: : : : : and maybe you will be the next victim of a Unabomber or Timothy McVeigh.

: : : : : : Oh,ya, they are so nice and so cultural people, especially the suicide bombers, killing innocent
: : : : : : women and children, and the crouds in the streets of muslem towns celebrating the death of these women and children, and the mothers promising that all their children will be shahids.
: : : : : : Wake up and open your eyes! "Bombarded with negative images", indeed! Because you in the West will be the next victim of these nice people.

: : : : :
: : : : : :
: : : : : : : I'd just like to stress that it is the minority of Muslims who are barbarians. We in the West just happen to be bombarded by the most negative images/examples of them.

: : : : : : : : : that are no greek muslims...muslims are barbarians

: : : : : : : : And do you know why they are barbarians? Unfortunately, there is only a handful of muslims out there that truly follow the Quoran. Majority of them have misconstrued the translation and have implemented it in their own way, therefore, the rest of us see the misconstrued ways. Again, you get the ones that verbally say they are Muslim and yet they follow nothing from the Quoran, i.e., drink alcohol, don't pray, beat their wives, .... then you get the extremists, i.e. Hesbala, no need to explain there.....

: : : : : : : : Unfortunately, the handful I mentioned above are the minority and we do not see the REAL meaning of Muslim.....

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