Re: Hoping to get along with my Greek in-laws

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Posted by Themistokles on August 17, 2001 at 21:49:14:

In Reply to: Re: Hoping to get along with my Greek in-laws posted by Liza on August 17, 2001 at 10:08:57:

Dear "Shy Boy":

"Liza" writes:

"Also, the only reason someone should accept Orthodoxy is if they believe in this type of Christianity. One shouldn't embrace it merely because of its "Greekness". Greece already has enough people who proclaim their Orthodoxy while remaining rather lukewarm about their faith in Christianity. This is called religious nationalism...not Christianity."

"Liza's" cynicism betrays much of what a real Christian isn't. Obviously I've touched a raw nerve, here. I was commenting on the numerous instances that I've come across (and I'm not old) in which what attracted the non-Greek spouse to the PRACTISING Orthodox Christian (in these cases, they happen to be Greek) was the Orthodox Christian's faith, which in each of these cases was manifested by a non-chauvenistic, non-nationalistic form of humility that characterizes true Orthodox Christians. For those totally unaware of the Orthodox church's recent history, it wasn't until after the French Revolution's role in creating the modern idea of nationalism (late 18th century) that ethnic branches of the Orthodox Church developed.

"Liza" (who, from her cynical polemic about the superiority of the "Christian" west (Romanism and Protestantism) and her advice to you to be insincere and deceitful towards your (hopefully) future in-laws, is not exactly a representative of what most Greeks are about.

Be honest, be sincere and show an interest in the true traits of a virtuous Greek:

Demonstrate (not just talk about as some like to do for a variety of selfish reasons) a love of God, family, your neighbour; be always hospitable to all who ask for your help .....

By the way, the book I cited as a good reference to your question has several sections that would be useful even to those who are reared in a secular environment; however, as your original question enquired about modern Greek culture, I felt that this would be the most appropriate starting point for your search.

God bless,


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