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Posted by Come on now.... on September 04, 2001 at 22:43:11:

In Reply to: Re: Reality check... posted by Natalia on September 04, 2001 at 17:46:44:

Money does not determine if a person will be a racist nor does it guarantee that they will have class. Unfortunately there are many closed minded people who are racist and well as poor. Please do not confuse having money (or not having it) with class or an evolved mind.

: Depi,

: I grew up in a country where my father built his wealth – I’m used to the best. Being of the class of people and volunteering all my life allows me to be very of people. If the only blacks you see sell fake cds on your st, try traveling a bit more in exclusive circles. The fact you even say those are the only blacks you see confirms to me either you live in a lowly area or not well traveled at all.

: I presently live in New York City – Manhattan, Spent the summer in Athens – Kolanaki and when not sailing I was on the island of Hydra. You might think me a snob… but what does the opinion of a simple minded person who has never met, nor seen a gorgeous, smart, wealthy African. You only see Africans as people who mostly sell fake cds on the streets??? Your mind is far too simple for me to value what it creates. Get a grip. Save up some money and travel in better circles – then you might see the changing world we live in. I lived and will live in a very cosmopolitan part of Greece. You are where???

: Are you even aware that it’s the Greek Orthodox Religion that’s foremost advocating the equal treatment of Blacks in Greece above any other immigrant people there??? Do you know anything of the religion??? Are you Greek??? Or even live there???

: Money has no skin color. I have money, my family has money, the people I associate with some of whom are the wealthiest Greeks have money. When people are brought up in those kinds of circles their minds are evolved enough not to bark at issues of skin color. They have evolved minds.

: The issue of racism is one brought up by people trying to excuse their financial failure, emotional failure, physical failure. It must be the blacks you see selling cds on the streets… that’s the reason.

: If there is no market for a product that product can not exist. Think!!! It does the mind good!!!

: The women who are my friends in Greece are Great. I’m just used to have tons of friends. I have no doubt I’ll make more. Self Assured, Gorgeous women flourish in Greece some have found me and more will. Don’t sell Greek women short.

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