Education is the Antidote...Money affords Education...

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Posted by Natalia on September 05, 2001 at 01:36:10:

In Reply to: Re: Reality check... posted by Come on now.... on September 04, 2001 at 22:43:11:

Please do not misunderstand or be confused:

I never said : Money determined if a person becomes a racist. Money or lack of money does however play a very major role in one becoming a racist if other social issues also come to play.

Money is / was the most basic reason for slavery – cheap labor.

Racism against a people arises due to amongst other things lack of jobs (lack of money): Ex. in the U.S. when the Irish first arrived, they were the target of racism because they accepted low wages in comparison to the Americans therefore taking away jobs from the Americans. This made it harder for those Americans with jobs to have job security or jobs at all. Those that had jobs had to even harder than before for the same or lower wages - thou not as low as the Irish.

I never said money guarantees class – Money doesn’t "guarantee" class. If you mean class in terms of etiquette and social status - Money most certainly affords you etiquette as well as social status. I don’t know anyone homeless person who can set up a formal dinner table.

Thou when you speak of class I shall assume you mean in terms of character, civility etc. in that case also I never said money "guarantees" class. Money however brings one a million times closer to a civil, stable and polite society. Ex. the turmoil in 3rd world counries in comparison in comparsion to the stability of the U.S.

One can have money and no family lineage to speak of and in some societies no amount of money can help get them “in”. Ex. “The New Rich”.

Money affords one travel – the experience of different worlds, education- knowledge of other peoples, other worlds, languages, discovery, philosophy.

Money gives one the ability to enlighten themselves if they so choose – most with money choose, if not for the sake of enlightenment but then for the sake of statue which can either transcend racism or make a people even more the target of racism ex. Jews. Stereotype: Rich and have all the money - as I said before a Stereotype.

Education is the only antidote for Racism. Money affords Education.

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