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Posted by Bill on September 29, 2001 at 10:10:57:

In Reply to: Re: Bank note from Skopje posted by Joanna on May 29, 2001 at 01:42:50:

: : I have seen a bank note from Skopje (FYROM) with the White Tower of Thessaloniki on it. What does it mean? We lost Constatinopoli, Smyrni, Vorio Epiros, Cyprus... Thessaloniki the next?

: Pericles,

: I think I've heard about that too. I think it's part of their "great idea" of a "greater Macedonia". That is, it's propaganda. I call it "pseudo-Macedonia". But it's never going to happen. We are far more stronger and influential. They can carry on about themselves being "Macedonians" all they like but history including archaelogical evidence stands up for itself. From what I know they are basically Bulgarians.

Sorry Sweetie..but you are wrong..must be all that "Greek" history you've been taught.. Macedonians are Macedonians, and Bulgarians are Bulgarian.. If you knew anything about "Real" history Aegean Macedonia(now northern Greece) had Macedonian named towns, villages, churches, and cemetaries(with Macedonian names on the headstones) until the greeks decided to Hellenize the region(Banning the Macedonian language, destroying or renaming churches, desecrating cemetaries..the list goes on..Oh by the way..during the Smyrna campaign where do you think the asiatic greek population was settled?? ATHENS? bet! So the Prosfegi of Macedonia..are not Macedonians.

No ethnic group is ethnically pure..but to tell someone else what they can and cannot be is pure BS.


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