Re: women wearing pants in church (why not?)

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Posted by Faye on February 07, 2002 at 23:19:29:

In Reply to: Re: women wearing pants in church (why not?) posted by Chris on February 03, 2002 at 11:49:39:

: : : I have noticed that some greek churches frown upon women wearing pants in church. This seems to me to have nothing to do with religion but another way that 'greek men in power' can control women. It is an old fashion custom from the days when women didn't wear pants anyway.

: : : I am wrliting this in support of my wife who sometimes will wear an attractive pants suit and is criticized by some.

: : : Now with female doctors, teachers, lawyers, and corporate executives wearing attractive pants suits, isn't it time that our church joined the 21st century? Even our present and prior first lady wear them to church on a regular basis.

: : : Our church has a more serious problem with losing some families, especially when a mixed marriage is involved.
: : : Does anyone have any other opinion as to why this is happening in our church?

: : : Thanks, Nick

: :
: : Nick,

: : I think the Orthodox church has this "dress code" for women -for wearing skirts- because it's supposed to be a non-distracting form of dress. In church you're not supposed to be conspicuous in a distracting way ie having a strange outlandish hairstyle, strange clothes. The priest also wears robes which cover his legs -a church tradition but there is a reason for it I'm sure.

: : BUT, I do remember one of our priests saying: I'd rather a woman to wear pants than a mini skirt!

: : Plus, it is wrong for other people to criticize. They should give advice with good reason. If you want to find out what's right and why, the best person to ask is your priest or confessor.

: : Joanna.

: Nick,
: I totally agree with you, I don't see anything wrong with a woman wearing a dressy pant suit or slacks to church. I have seen some women wearing VERY short skirts and to me, that is more inappropriate and disrespectful for church attire. I wouldn't go so far as to say any pants are appropriate, such as jeans or cropped pants. A few women in our church have begun wearing slacks. I hope it never becomes an issue to argue over. Chris

Re: Wearing pants in Church

I know it seems like a small and silly thing for clothes to matter...but let's look at it in the context of the 'church'. I do not believe it is a control thing, or old fashion to expect women to wear dresses to church. It's all a matter of 'attitude'. Yes--I believe it's even worse for a women to wear a short skirt, or shorts or jeans. And if a nice pants suit on a women in church should not matter then by that same token it should not matter if a man comes in a nice dress. The point is what is 'the point' or reason for it. I believe that it is a matter of respect, and being decent in not scandalizing others in church with your clothes. Since when have dresses gone out of style ever for women ( and if you take a survey most men prefer women in feminine attire) Second, it amazes me that a women would not be caught dead on the beach in a full length evening gown, or go to work in a string bikini, but could care less or make an issue of what should be worn at church, a place of worship. In the 21st century here in America and in Europe where people own quite a bit of clothing for all sorts of occassions--why not wear something appropriate to church? Is it a vanity issue or is it because the church is cold that would necessitate wearing a pantsuit?...
If a pantsuit is all you own then by all means come to church and don't let it stop you, because that is all you have, but if you have other clothing that is more appropriate then wear it out of respect.
This reminds me of an incident in Greece that was on Tv at a small village church where a women took reporters to a church that would not let her receive communion wearing pants. She was screaming and cursing at the priest. The priest an old soft spoken man who appeared very humble and calmy stated the following: It was not specifically because of her attire (the pants) that I did not let her receive , but her scandelous and rebellious behavior that I did no let her receive. You see that little church in the village kept long black robes in the narthex specifically for tourists or others who were not appropriately dressed, that wanted to attend church or receive communion(See, they provided a means not scandelize and to accomodate people). All they had to do was slip it on over their clothes and go and receive. She refused to wear a robe provided and then made a scene in the narthex. i don't think that this was Christian behavior and it just proved that "the most important thing to that women was not to be in church and receive the body and blood of Christ" but "the most important thing was her clothes issue" So, the question is what is important? What is the statement we want to make? The Orthodox church is rich in her traditions and teachings why fix or change something that isn't broken? I know that it sounds like a a huge dialog over something as small as one nice pantsuit in church----
But think that's how things deteriorate or get watered down in society
Something as innocent as a pants suit on one women
next all women, then next why not shorts, then next why not a haltar or tube top, then next how about going barefoot, or topless and so on and so
Its like that with every fashion fad -- years ago only sailors got tattoos now even young adolescents have them. Same goes with body piercing--long ago only girls got their ears pierced, now everyone is piercing, and they are piercing everywhere on their bodies.
I know I have taken this too far... just to illustrate a point of how with every fad, no matter how innocent it seems at first, gets out of hand and causes deterioration and a breakdown of basic values and respect.
The church is a sacred place let us carry ourselves in a sacred manner and not like any other worldly place.


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