Re: women wearing pants in church (why not?)

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Posted by ekaterina on February 09, 2002 at 14:20:28:

In Reply to: Re: women wearing pants in church (why not?) posted by Chris on February 03, 2002 at 11:40:42:

: : : I have noticed that some greek churches frown upon women wearing pants in church. This seems to me to have nothing to do with religion but another way that 'greek men in power' can control women. It is an old fashion custom from the days when women didn't wear pants anyway.

: : : I am wrliting this in support of my wife who sometimes will wear an attractive pants suit and is criticized by some.

: : : Now with female doctors, teachers, lawyers, and corporate executives wearing attractive pants suits, isn't it time that our church joined the 21st century? Even our present and prior first lady wear them to church on a regular basis.

: : : Our church has a more serious problem with losing some families, especially when a mixed marriage is involved.
: : : Does anyone have any other opinion as to why this is happening in our church?

: : : Thanks, Nick

: :
: : Nick,

: : I think the Orthodox church has this "dress code" for women -for wearing skirts- because it's supposed to be a non-distracting form of dress. In church you're not supposed to be conspicuous in a distracting way ie having a strange outlandish hairstyle, strange clothes. The priest also wears robes which cover his legs -a church tradition but there is a reason for it I'm sure.

: : BUT, I do remember one of our priests saying: I'd rather a woman to wear pants than a mini skirt!

: : Plus, it is wrong for other people to criticize. They should give advice with good reason. If you want to find out what's right and why, the best person to ask is your priest or confessor.

: : Joanna.

I completly understand what you are saying. In fact I agree with most of your points. Our religion is rich in tradition and I completly respect that. However, I do have a major issue with the dress code at church. I know my parents would have a fit if I ever wore dress pants to church. Don't get me wrong, I think one should dress appropriately and respectful when going to church.There is a time and place for everything. However, there are so many other things that the church can place importance on rather something as minute as dress code. We go to church to worship, it's not a fashion show. Perhaps I have been to the wrong churches but many times I found myself walking into church and the greek women turning around to see what Vasiliki or Eleni is wearing. I think if we placed less emphasis on to wear pants or not, less people would be going to church for the runway show. We are all adults and know what is respectable and what is not. A pair of nice jeans and a top by far beats a short mini skirt.

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