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Posted by Vourlias on April 16, 2002 at 11:28:27:

In Reply to: Re: Dimitri mou.... posted by Vourlias on April 11, 2002 at 01:14:12:

Okay, Sheherazad
The problem is likely with HOTMAIL. HOTMAIL is enforcing a max limit of 1.5MB on attachments. Since this MP3 file is nearly double, there you have... eer, that is you don't have it... If you provide me another email address without this restriction, I'll retry to send it. Nowdays with storage being so cheap, you would think Microsoft would not have such a ridiculously low storage requirement. Hell, even Yahoo! is more generous, at 2MB! But, they want to get you to pay for your email if you need to exceed this paltry 1.5MB. Also, Hotmail requires more liberal cookie allowances on users' computers=less privacy ---- Yahoo! is again a better choice concerning privacy. After all, if Microsoft doesn't have better use of common peoples' money (and privacy) who does? But they're not entirely to blame, we voluntarily (or unknowingly) agree to it... I mean no offense, Sheherazad.
: Hi,
: I am sending the same MP3 file to you, using exactly the same steps as when I sent it to Alexandra. Note: My ISP encountered an error while attempting to send the email+mp3 attachment to Alexandra; she replied that she had trouble openning it. She did not respond after that -- maybe she finaly managed to get to work. If this problem does not resurface when I send it to you, maybe you can try sending it to Alexandra again.
: By the way, this attachment is nearly 2.9MB. You will need to wait several minutes for the download to your computer's Hard Drive to complete (unless you have a fast (non-dialup) connection). I waited about 10 minutes for the file to upload (from my PC to my ISP's system) when attaching the file to the email directed to you.
: : : Vourlias, may you send a copy for me too? I´ve been searching for this since I´ve read the first message of Alexandra. My adress is Thanks a lot!!!

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