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Posted by marko on April 17, 2002 at 09:39:28:

In Reply to: She broke up with me posted by Need advice on April 17, 2002 at 09:13:36:

: My girlfriend recently broke up with me and I wanted to ask everybody for advice. We have been together for four months. Things were great between us, she used to be in love with me, and she wanted a long term relationship. Then a month ago I told her some of the things that bothered me about her, like I thought she was too stressed out a person, that she was making a big deal out of little things, that I didn't think our relationship was too deep then if she couldn't forget all the problems. I even told her that I thought she used to hang out with guys that weren't like me and that it scared me. Back then she told me that I was veryy important to her, that she wanted a long term relationship. Since then I tried to make up for the things I said, I tried to help her out with her problems, maybe put a little bit to much pressure on her, I gave her more love and attention. In return, our relationship has kept deteriorating. She has lacked more and more respect for me, she gets very annoyed when I tried to help her, we haven't spent a night together once, and now she breaks up with me. I feel like she has lost all trust in me since that argument, that she sees me in a different way, that she doesn't admire me the way she used to. And the more I try to give to her, the less I get back, and the less respect she gives me. When she broke up with me, I sent her an email explaining her why we had a problem. Then she replied " i don't believe in reconciliation". Then I sent her another email which was maybe childish, telling her that I did my best to help her and make our relationship work but that in retrun she lacked more and more respect. I also told her that if we break up it's for good and that I'd be with another girl soon. Then we talked on the phone. I felt she understood me better, and that she was not sure. But then yesterday she tells me the emails I sent her were insulting and childish. She asked me why do you call me, what do you want now I thought you wanted to break up for good. Anyway I feel I really messed it up for good. Can someone give me some advice on what to do now? Can you also tell me what you think happened in her head and why she has become like that with me? I also wanted to tell you again that we were very very close at the begiining, she even said that she used to love me. I can't understand how things can turn so bad so quick. I haven;t done anything wrong like cheat on her. Please I need your help.

I think you are still a young man. I am 38. The kind of story you tell, reminds me of my younger years. Just try to forget the whole story. Go out and try to meet new people. Try to forget her.
Enjoy life !

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