Re: Thanks to the Orthodoxy we are ignorant!

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Posted by Basil on April 21, 2002 at 23:33:17:

In Reply to: Thanks to the Orthodoxy we are ignorant! posted by Panos on April 19, 2002 at 05:50:47:

: Thanks Basil,

: this is all about the organisation of the orthodox church and secondly the way they are not compliant to classical greek thinking.


: You named a lot of great greek orthodox clerics,
: but they didn't care about greek culture only the christian one!

: I underline again, as long as religion plays a big role as it is today we will not be the true heir of greek culture.

: The language is only a package the filling is the important thing.

: Greece is not greece anymore!

: And sorry but the period of cinoclasts showed again how narrow minded orthodox church is. Nobody talks about the christian time in Greece because it was as good/bad as the other societies. --Thanks tothe orthodoxy--

Dear Panagioti: (or Panos as you like to call yourself)

My points, I believe, stand on their own merit. I stand by my point that those who criticize the teachings of Orthodoxy tend to fall into two categories:

a) those who are completely clueless as to its teachings (and thus oblivious to its depth and sophistication) and

b) those who are VERY aware of its depth and sophistication, and thus, fear that it may make other philosophies look superficial, tepid and boring - and thus, they attack Orthodoxy, knowing that the loose attacks will at least be effective by those who fall into category (a) {ie. the completely clueless}.

By the way, dear Pano, paganism is a movement that is beyond redemption, in spite of the fact that there are people who espouse it. Do you, by the way, recall the first great individual who attacked paganism as vile, corrupt, immoral and unworthy of being followed by a sophisticated group of people ? It was Socrates-----yes, our fellow ancestor who saw that the pagan ideals so many of our clueless contemporaries look at longingly and romantically - as totally unsuitable for the youth of HIS time.

I guess for some, even Socrates' longing for some logic in the brains of fellow Hellenes hasn't filtered down - even though we've had two thousand, four hundred years of lessons from which to learn.

In Christ,

Basil ( a lay (Greek) Christian Orthodox man).

P.S. The clerics you allude to in your message, were, in fact, GREAT champions of preserving the best of classical Hellenic writings. That is the reason that these writings were preserved in continuity in the East, from southern Italy (which was populated mainly by Greek peoples) until the far reaches of what is today Eatern Turkey.

"O theos na se fotisi" !!!

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