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Posted by Terry on April 25, 2002 at 19:16:15:

In Reply to: Re: It's thanks to ignorant people that people are ignorant posted by Ibrahim on April 23, 2002 at 12:12:05:

The first Christian Church with its beginnings during the time of Constantine the Great, then with the schism, Catholocism was born, then Protestantism was a break-away from Catholocism. A direct historical line can be drawn from the Church of England or Lutheranism, all the way back to the first centuries of the first millenium. I didn't invent this timeline, go to a library and look for yourself. As for the Renaissance, it was as a direct consequence of greater trade and pilgrimage to Byzantium - and let's not forget the Crusades. For goodness sake, people (crusaders, pilgrims and traders) travelling east and returning to the west brought with them artisans, ideas, concepts, even the lute!!! You obviously know nothing of the cultural history of Europe. I'm not saying Byzantium invented art or music (just before you fly off the handle), but if you had studied the history of art, or the history of music, or the history of any European cultural activity, you would know the influence Byzantium had on the west. Of course, the converse is true too, Byzantium was also influenced by western European travellers be they crusaders, traders or pilgrims. I would like to refer you to a published professor of History, Norman Davies. Please have a look at his book 'The History of Europe'. Please don't go making sweeping statements from an ill-informed basis. And please don't propogate the cultural ignorance of the west, it does that all right without any assistance from anyone! By the way, just in case you accuse me of Hellenistic bias, I'm not Greek, merely educated.

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