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Posted by Victor on May 08, 2002 at 12:51:28:

In Reply to: Re: My Big Fat Greek Wedding posted by Merimou on May 08, 2002 at 09:15:50:

Yes I believe in freedom of speech, so would allow me to express my personal opinion? I deeply hated that horrible movie even though it was partly made by Greeks, and featured Greek actors. How can you accept its monstrous depiction of Greeks or even laugh at it? Two of our Greek compatriots criticized rightly that movie here on this message board and I am just here to say that I agree with them. And please don’t tell me to lighten up, I will NEVER accept that atrocious movie!!!!!!!! and my opinion is that everyone associated to that movie should be banned for life from the movie making industry for subjecting us Greeks and the audience in general to this absolute garbage

: Wow. You guys sound like you all have a huge greek chip on your shoulder. How do you walk around bearing this heavy load everyday--you must be tired. At least it doesn't appear to have given you a complex .

: To say that "no Greeks are like that" (as they are portrayed in the movie) is like saying that no are stuck up, or ethnocentric, or racist, or loud, or annoying, or stereotypical, etc. when in reality there ARE people of every ethnicity that can fit those descriptions. Just like there ARE Greeks that act the way the movie portrays them--the author was drawing from her own experiences as a Greek woman in a Greek family. She may have been embellishing or exaggerating the truth to an extent, but isn't that what many comedies tend to do? I bet you have no problem going to the theater and laughing at a film that stereotypes Americans or British people (or whoever), but god forbid that the Greeks are the focus of a satirical movie!

: And yes, let's all fight against freedom of speech and expression that millions before us have fought to win and preserve by taking measures to "ban" this movie so that no one else can see it. That's the Greek way! Bravo!

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