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Posted by patriwths on May 20, 2002 at 12:46:26:

In Reply to: Tourists at least go home posted by Ari on May 19, 2002 at 17:32:47:

: I beg to differ on two points Patriotis. The first is that I believe that Greece does not need a king at all. You must be joking when you suggest a Greek one would be OK. How would they be chosen? Which pompous spoilt (thieving) upper-class Greek family should they come from? You see, too difficult to choose and way too biased a position to grant any mere mortal of any ilk. Yes Simitis and his ilk of supposed centre-democratic parties are hypocrites, just as the Blair Government and the supposed Democrats of the US are, no doubt about that at all. I can't think of a different system in Greece though except the present one with modifications democratically selected. The second point I differ on is this, tourism has spoilt some aspects of Greek life (and ruined more than one island's ecology), however, at least tourists GO HOME. You, as other Greeks living in Greece, would do well to check out your borders. The last time I was in Greece the numbers of clearly illegal immigrants everywhere was astounding. Someone close to me in Greece quoted the figure of 1 in 10 in Greece is not of a Greek background. You worry about Simitis and his parties policies? Look just under your own nose at how Greece is changing with the influx of non-Christians. Sure offer hospitality and humane treatment, but these people, who are often single men, surely present a greater threat to Greece (and indeed all of Europe) than any present democratically elected Government party. These people, for what ever reason, were not democratically invited into Greece. Please remember what you already know about tourists, that cultural influence is a two-way street. That is, those hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants looking for a better economy, may learn the Greek language over time, but, you suddenly have a huge muslim population with all its medievalisms right in your midst. Beware Greeks, Beware Europe for the largest proportion of these people are not arriving at your door for humanitarian reasons, but because they want a better job and believe the glittering commercialism of the west. A final observation on illegal immigrants before you ask yourself why the supposed central democratic governments of Europe tolerate the muslim invasion. Who Profits From This? I observed in Athens that BECAUSE of the influx of illegal immigrants, RENTS REAL ESTATE WHERE VERY HIGH AND GETTING HIGHER BUT WAGES WERE PUSHED DOWN BECAUSE OF THE EXCESS OF EXTREMELY CHEAP LABOUR. Figure it out Patriotis and look beyond the superficial - it's not tourist that present the threat but those others who make the life of the average wage-earning Greek very expensive whilst keeping his wages down.

aman! i do not object only to tourists. I object to the large quantities of foriegners tromping through greece regardless of whether or not they stay. One of the biggest failings of simits' government is that he is too soft on them. He is permanently kissing up to the west and their pussy globalization policies of 'let these poor people in' (funny, the US doesnt want them, but they think we should let them in, and criticize us if we ever say otherwise). I am from Hpeirws, where we have been especially hard hit by the albanians. Oh i do wish we did something about it! my proposal would be simple, effective, and merciless: round up everyone who is not greek, and ship him back to wherever he crossed the border. I dont care if they dont have passports, if they dont have money, if they dont have clothes, or anything. Round them up and boot them out. If they give any trouble, slap a one year sentence of hard labor on them (then they will have what they want, if they came to greece looking for work!) , and then
take them to the border and kick them out. Patrol the borders in earnest, and shoot anything that comes across, unless it comes at a proper border-crossing and
is something we don't mind coming in. Anybody that gives us a hassle about it, tell them to keep it to himself. People think this is too radical. I think it is the only real solution. All these half-assed 'solutions' about
integrating them into greek society , or making them live in a 'multicultural' greece or anything, that is 100% bullshit. the only true solution is to kick them out, plain and simple.

Now, as for a king, i disagree again. Someone once accused me of being a demagogue; democracy is the worst possible form of government, because it is always in the worst case, always demagogery. Democracy is the most hidden government, because it always has been and always will be easy to manipulate the masses, and when those in power mask their doings by moving the masses to do their bidding, they have much truer secrecy and no accountability, whereas a king is accountable. he is a single man. If he commits to grave an abuse, he can be killed and another king put in his place. If he is incompetent, someone else more ambitious will edge him out. If he is too cruel, he will find himself alone and have an accident. He already has all power, so he has no incentive to corrupt himself or his policies to
enrich himself or gain power. His officials and servants might be corrupt, but he has an incentive to find those corrupt ones and punish them. A monarchy is the best form of government, plain and simple. Now, you ask who would select this monarch? i have a simple solution to that too: I point out that in many of us, the Megali Idea has not died, but burns brightly. I tell you, the man who leads us to restore the other half of our ancient lands, he will be by right tke king of all greeks. Dont think I am just spouting words. This is the history of our people I am talking about, which I amnd many other true greeks take very seriously. Pas Mh Ellhn, Varvaros!

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